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Archbold Schools May Have To Add Staff

David Deskins, Archbold Area School District superintendent, told school board members the district may have to add a special education teacher.

During the board’s Monday night, Sept. 24 meeting, Deskins said the district is “entering a critical time” for staffing issues.

Special education in particular is a problem, because a number of children with special needs moved into the district at the start of the school year. As a result, the current special ed teachers are overwhelmed.

He said the schedule for the district’s EMIS, or Education Management Information System coordinator, was adjusted so the person could get data required by the State of Ohio filed on time.

Another issue is the elementary guidance counselor. Currently the position is contracted for 80 days, less than half of the 185-day school year. That puts the guidance counselor in the school two days a week.

While the school psychologist tries to pick up the slack, Deskins said having the counselor available only two days a week leads to breakdowns in communication.

Michelle Bagrowski, district curriculum director, said the elementary school guidance counselor is the testing coordinator at the elementary school. With the guidance counselor only available two days a week, it creates problems for her.

Cheryl Storrer, board member, said there are two guidance counselors in the high school; she suggested at peak times, one of those two fill in at the elementary.

Deskins said there were problems with a “rob Peter to pay Paul” approach, but he would consider the suggestion.

He said he feels it is important to “repair the damage” caused by last year’s staff reductions.


The school board approved four teachers to serve as mentors for four new first-year teachers in the district.

Bagrowski said the four, JoAnn Short, Chris Moore, Julie Nofziger, and Laura Bickel, will be paid a stipend for their work.

Deskins said the stipend is about $600 for the year. Money for the stipends comes from grant funding the district receives, not out of the general fund.

For that $600, each mentor teacher is required to spend C Y time working with the new teacher and observe the new teacher in the classroom. There are other responsibilities, he said.

In personnel actions, in addition to approving stipends for the mentor teachers, the board approved Jen King, Kathy Rupp, and Ed Perry as Ohio Graduation Test intervention tutors for the 2007-08 school year.

Donnie Young, Jr., was approved as volunteer eighthgrade football coach, Kent Vandock was named the school play director for the 2007-08 school year, and Liz Leupp was added to the classified employee substitute list for 2007-08.

The board also approved a supplemental contract for Andrea Badenhop as the high school’s mock trial coach for the 2007-08 school year.


Deskins said the Archbold Rotary Club donated $2,470 for renovations to Spengler Field, which has improved the looks of the facility.

“It’s a beautiful place to play soccer,” David Yoder, school board president, said.

He said he has a daughter who plays soccer, and he visits other school’s fields, which are adequate, but none are as nice as Spengler Field.

Deskins said he is trying to determine the value of the volunteer hours that Rotary members and others contributed to the renovation project.

Dorothy Lambert, elementary school principal, said the Pamida discount store held a fund-raising drive, which raised $850 to provide school supplies for youngsters.

Dollar General’s adopt a school program resulted in donations of $550 worth of school supplies from customers.

She said several churches have helped families with school supplies and fees.

All three district principals commented on the smooth start to the school year, noting students had come to school focused and ready to learn.- David Pugh

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