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Archbold Schools Get Additional State Aid; No Increase For Pettisville Schools

The Archbold Area School District will get additional state aid totaling 16.75% over the next two years, because of the new State of Ohio budget.

But Pettisville Schools, with a falling enrollment, will get no increase in state funding.

It’s the result of the twoyear state budget bill signed into law Sunday night, June 30, by John Kasich, Ohio governor.

The bill took effect at midnight, Monday, July 1.

Documents provided by Aaron Rex, Archbold superintendent, show Archbold getting a 6.25% increase in money from Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013) to Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014).

For Fiscal Year 2015, Archbold’s share of state funding goes up 10.5% over FY 2014.

Based on estimated figures, it means Archbold, which received $2.65 million from the state in FY 2013, will get an additional $165,848 for FY 2014 and another $296,039 for FY 2015.

The additional $296,039 is on top of the $165,848.

That means over two years of the budget, the school district gets an additional $461,887.

Rex said during the budget debate, three scenarios were discussed, including Kasich’s original budget proposal.

Under the original proposal, Archbold schools would have received a 25% funding increase.

The third option was lower by 2% to 3%, Rex said.

“We’re happy to see an increase,” he said.


Pettisville receives no increase in state aid. Estimates show Pettisville’s state funding as flat, at about $1.84 million.

Chris Lee, district treasurer, says that’s because Pettisville’s enrollment has fallen below what it was in school year 2011-12.

Pettisville’s state aid is not being reduced because of a state guarantee that no district will receive less than it did the previous year.

Lee said legislators have talked about eliminating the guarantee.

With no increase in state funding, and costs rising, Lee said Pettisville will need to make up the differerty, ence locally.

Over the last few years, the district has been able to save some money, maintaining a cash balance, a form of savings account.

For FY 2013-14, Lee said the district will need to dip in the cash balance to keep the doors open.

“But you can’t do that for very long,” he said.

The Pettisville School Board had planned to ask voters to approve a 1% increase in the district income tax, for a total of 2%. The measure was to appear on an August 2012 ballot.

But in June 2012, the board voted to remove the levy from the ballot because the district budget numbers moved in a positive direction.

Lee said it’s highly likely that the Pettisville School Board will look at increasing tax revenues.

“I think they’ll look hard at an income tax. The voters like that better,” Lee said.

Other Districts

Of the seven public school districts in Fulton County, Gorham-Fayette, Swanton, and Wauseon will each get the same 6.25%-10.5% increases in revenue.

Evergreen schools have the same situation as Pettisville: no revenue increase.

Estimates show the Pike- Delta-York school district will get the 6.25% increase for FY 2014, but then only a 1.65% increase in FY 2015.

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