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Archbold Schools Enrollment Up; Pettisville Schools Down

Preliminary numbers from the first few days of school show the Archbold Area School District enrollment is up, while Pettisville is down.

David Deskins said there are 1,352 students in kindergarten through high school for the 2008-09 school year.

For the same grades, the comparable figure from the start of 2007-08 was 1,304.

That works out to an increase of 48 students, or about 3.7%.

Steve Switzer, district superintendent at Pettisville, said on Friday, Aug. 22, there were 556 students starting the 2008-09 academic year. Last year it was 563. Enrollment at Pettisville is off by seven, or about 1.2%.

At the start of 2007-08, Pettisville reported 574 students. With 556 on hand at the start of 2008-09, a comparison of the two school years at the start shows Pettisville School District enrollment down 18, or about 3.1%.

Good Number

Switzer was pleased with the 2008-09 enrollment “since we graduated 48 students and brought in 22 kindergarten students- our smallest class in many, many years.

“Included in the kindergarten class are eight open enrollment students,” Switzer said.

“Overall, we enrolled 37 new non-kindergarten students; 21 were through open enrollment.

“The largest enrollment gain was seven, in ninth grade,” Switzer said.

Big Numbers

Deskins sees big numbers in Archbold’s three schools.

During 2007-08, there were four grade levels with more than 100 students, and the largest grade had 109 members.

For 2008-09, there are seven classes with 100 or more. The largest class, this year’s freshmen, has 110.

Archbold admitted 106 kindergarteners for 2007-08, up seven over 2007-08’s 99 kindergarteners.

Fourth grade went up 11, to 103, for this school year, and sixth grade jumped 11, to 109.

“That’s one of our areas of concern. That’s one of our largest classes. We’re going to focus attention on them,” he said.

The number of sophomores is up nine, to 103.

The elementary has 496 students, up 13; middle school, 410, up four; Archbold High School is 379, up two.

When Four County Career Center and Fulton County Opportunity School students are added, the number of high school students registered in the Archbold Area School District is 416, up one from the preceding year.

Archbold enrollment by grade: kinder- garten, 106; first grade, 97; second grade, 98; third grade, 92; fourth grade, 103; fifth grade, 94; sixth grade, 109; seventh grade, 104; eighth grade, 103; freshmen, 110; sophomores, 103 (106 with Fulton County Opportunity School); juniors, 79 (93 with Opportunity School and Four County Career Center); seniors, 87 (105 with Opportunity School and FCCC.)

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