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Archbold Schools Earn One A, Three Bs, Three Cs On Report Cards

The lowest grades the Archbold Area School District received on the latest round of information from school report cards were three Cs.

The Ohio Department of Education released another round of report card data, Thursday, Feb. 25.

ODE issued a “data dump” of some report card information in January.

The state report card system has been in transition for a few years, and has switched to a new letter grade format.

Under the old system, schools were ranked Excellent with Distinction, Excellent, Effective, Continuous Improvement, Academic Watch or Academic Emergency, depending on test scores and graduation rates.

The data released is for the 2014-15 school year.

Archbold received a B and three Cs in the report card progress section.

A description of the progress section taken from the ODE website states, “This is your district’s average progress for students in math and reading, grades 4-8. It looks at how much each student learns in a year.

“It answers the questions– Did the students get a year’s worth of growth?

“Did they get more? Did they get less?”

Archbold earned a B for overall progress, which measures progress of all fourth-through-eighth grade students in math and reading.

The three grades for progress achieved by gifted students, students in the lowest 20% of academic achievement, and students with dis- abilities were all Cs.

Gap Closing

Archbold schools earned a B in the Gap Closing section.

Only 14 Ohio schools earned an A in Gap Closing. Pettisville schools was one of the 14.

Gap Closing is described on the ODE website as showing “how well all students are doing in your district in reading, math, and graduation. It answers the question– Is every student succeeding, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, or disability?”

The Gap Closing score is based on student proficiency in reading, math, and graduation rates.

In reading, all Archbold students, white students, and Hispanic students, met all the state standards of 71.3, while students with disabilities scored 45.9, which did not meet the state goal.

In math, students with disabilities failed to make the state goal of 65, scoring 27.9.

Economically disadvantaged students missed the math state goal by one half of one point (.5), at 64.5.

All students passed the graduation rate requirement.

Archbold received a B in the performance section.

The district received a performance index score of 99.6 of a possible 120, which is 83%.

The district needed a minimum of 80% to earn a B.

In the indicators met category, Archbold met 32 of 33 indicators, scoring an A.

Rex Comments

Aaron Rex, Archbold superintendent, responded to the scores, saying, “We are currently looking deeper into our report card scores, but this year is comparable to what we saw in the 2013- 2014 school year.

“Receiving an A in indicators met is a high point for the district, along with our graduation rates and gap closing for students in the various categories such as economically disadvantaged, race, disability, etc.

“Performance index scores were down across the state, but looking at comparable scores, an 83% (B) appears to be a solid score.

“Overall, our Value Added score, students making growth over the course of a school year, is a B, and that is a good score, as well.

“We will continue to work with our gifted, students with disabilities, and lowest 20% to make sure that they are challenged as well and make adequate progress.

“Our goal would be for every student to achieve success and have an A in every category. I believe we work hard to do that every day.

“We are very proud of what we do in our classrooms, and we have excellent students and teachers.

“As the tests continue to change and the way that we are evaluated continues to change, we will continue to do our best for kids.”

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