Archbold, OH

Archbold Schools Among Best In Nation In Music Education

In spite of all the financial difficulties suffered by the Archbold Area School District, hard work by teachers, students, staff, administrators, and parents continues to shine through.

Now, the district can point to another reason to be proud of Archbold schools.

The district has received the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation award as one of the best in music education.

Only 307 school districts across the nation, and only 15 in Ohio, received the Best Communities for Music Education designation.

It is not easy to earn the BCME designation. A 30-page questionnaire asks about topics ranging from funding and graduation requirements to facilities and instruction time.

Music programs have long been seen by many as expensive frills. Sometimes, it’s one of the first things cut when budgets get tight.

But studies show learning music can boost academic performance and social skills.

Music also gives students who may not be talented in other areas a chance to stand out and be recognized.

Thankfully, Archbold school district officials recognize and support music in our schools and our students benefit.

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