Archbold, OH

Archbold School District Valuation Down

Chris Ziegler, Archbold Area School District treasurer, told the school board during its Monday, Jan. 8 meeting, the total value of the district for tax purposes had decreased.

Annie Hernandez, fiscal supervisor in the Fulton County Auditor office, said yesterday, Tuesday, the total tax value of the district was $222,411,850 in tax year 2016, which property owners paid in calendar year 2017.

After the completion of the tri-annual update, the district valuation was reduced to $220,986,620 for tax year 2017, payable 2018.

The difference is $1,425,230, roughly 0.64%, or 64 one-hundredths, of a percentage point.

Ziegler said the reduction means one mill charged to property owners raises $220,000, instead of $222,000.

She said the school district has an “emergency” property tax levy that is assessed to property owners.

An emergency levy means rather than voters approving a set millage to be charged to property taxes, voters approve a set amount of money, and the millage fluctuates to raise the amount.

The emergency levy is for $1.1 million.

The change in district valuation means rather than being charged 4.999 mills in 2016, payable 2017, the millage charged for 2017 payable 2018 will be five mills.

Ziegler went over several fiscal issues in her report, including a plan she is developing to make a $330,000 payment on the loan the school board took out to make energy efficiency improvements to the high school.

The payment will reduce the amount of interest the board will be required to pay on the energy-efficiency loan.

Ziegler said she plans to make the payment in March, once approval is received from the Ohio Department of Energy, which made the loan, and legal council drafts the necessary motion that must be approved by the school board.

The energy-efficiency loan is known as a HB (House Bill) 264 loan.

School districts repay the loans from money saved on energy bills.

New Building

Aaron Rex, superintendent, told the board this week he will meet with village officials to discuss the district plan to move the middle school from the present building on Stryker Street.

The plans call for an addition to the elementary school and relocating some middle school classes to unused space in the high school.

Rex also discussed plans to get teachers, parents, and students involved in the project as members of a facilities planning committee.

The group would be asked what it would like to see in a new building.

Rex also discussed changes to the district wellness policy.

In addition to reviewing the policy, Rex said the schools will promote physical education and health in the second semester of 2017- 18.

Included is a five-kilometer run at the end of the school year.

Rex also said as was expected, the Ohio Department of Education is relaxing graduation requirements for students graduating in 2018 and 2019.

For 2020 a new set of graduation requirements will be developed.

Under the ODE graduation requirements originally put in place, AHS would go from having one or two students a year in danger of not graduating to four or five.


The board approved two personnel matters for the 2017-18 school year.

A one-year contract was approved for Dakota Ballin as a classified substitute, with the contract becoming effective Jan. 3.

A one-year contract was also approved for Jordin Stuckey as a classified substitute.

During the organizational meeting, the presidency and vice presidency of the board changed.

Phil Nofziger, a board member, nominated Roel Galvan, 2017 president, to continue in that role.

JeremyHurst,aboardmember, nominated Nofziger.

Board members Karen Beck, John Downey, Galvan, and Hurst voted for Nofziger; Nofziger voted for Galvan. Nofziger was elected board president.

He said he would have to remember the parliamentary procedure he learned as an FFA student.

For vice president, Nofziger nominated Hurst, while Galvan nominated Downey.

Hurst and Galvan voted for Downey, while Downey voted for himself. Nofziger and Beck voted for Hurst. Downey was named vice president.

All members were present.

The next meeting is Monday, Feb. 12, 5 pm, in the high school media center.

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