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Archbold School District Tax Valuation Down 5%

The total taxable value of the Archbold Area School District declined by about 5%, Christine Ziegler, school district treasurer said.

Speaking to the Archbold Area School Board during its Monday night, Feb 18 meeting, Ziegler said for tax year 2007, payable 2008, the district tax valuation was $230,528,589.

That figure is down $11,772,083, or about 5%, from the total tax value for tax year 2006, payable 2007. That year, the figure was $242,300,672.

However, for now, the school district isn’t losing money because of the devaluation.

Ziegler said most of the drop in valuation is the result of the phase-out of tangible personal property tax, the tax on business equipment and inventory. The phase-out continues through 2009.

The district has also lost valuation due to the phase-out of the public utility personal property tax, the tax on public utility equipment, from power lines and telephone poles to underground cables.

The public utility personal property tax phase-out has been underway for a number a years, she said.

While the district can’t collect as much money as it once did from the personal property taxes, it is being “held harmless.”

The State of Ohio is making up the difference in taxes collected, from the current value, to what the village received in the last full year of the tangible personal property.

Money to make up the difference comes from revenue generated by the Commercial Activity Tax, commonly known as the CAT tax.

The CAT tax was implemented a few years ago as a tax on a business’ gross receipts from sales in Ohio.

Ziegler said the CAT tax is due to be phased out in 2012.

She said the loss of total valuation doesn’t really have an impact on homeowners in the school district “for now.”

She said she cannot speculate what will happen to Ohio school funding in the future.

Diesel Fuel Up

The school board approved increasing the district appropriations for the 2007-08 school year by $71,780.

Ziegler said the largest part of the increase results from a request from Beth Wanemacher, district transportation coordinator.

She asked that the line item for diesel fuel for district school buses be increased by $26,000 to meet obligations through June 30, the end of the current fiscal year.

The remaining requests were from funds outside the general fund, which have their own administrators.

Other sources of the increase are grants awarded to the district. If the district receives a grant, the board must appropriate the money before spending it.

Ziegler said the remainder of the money is available because the district did not appropriate every dollar of revenue avail able.

Tax Rollback

Ziegler told board members the district was able to not collect, or “roll back,” seven-tenths (.7) of a mill for tax year 2007, payable 2008.

The district collects about seven mills in property taxes to repay three bond issues: one originally issued for the Archbold High School, a second to construct a new elementary school and remodel the Archbold Middle School, and a third to add an additional academic wing and expand other areas of the high school.

However, the property tax to repay the bonds had raised so much money that there was more then necessary on hand, which meant the district could “roll back” about seven-tenths

(.7) of a mill. – David Pugh


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