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Archbold School District Sets Up Fitness Room For Staff

Christine Ziegler, Archbold Area School District treasurer, told members of the school board the district has set up a fitness room in the Archbold Middle School for district employees.

Speaking to the board during its Monday, Nov. 19 meeting, Ziegler said money for equipment in the room came from two years of grants from the district health insurance consortium. The grants are part of a wellness incentive; the staff fitness room is part of the incentive.

In connection with the fitness room, the school board approved an operational procedure manual for the room.

The room is to be used “by the staff to stay fit. We’ll see how it goes,” Ziegler said.

Wind Turbine

Joe Long, interim superintendent, said representatives from Marous Brothers,

Willoughby, and First Energy have met, which is another step in the process of commissioning the district $1.8-million electricity-generating wind turbine.

Marous Brothers is the contracting firm that installed the turbine. Long said the company asked First Energy for more guidance on the required field studies.

“The bottom line is, if the power goes out, the turbine shuts off. It does not put power into the (electrical distribution) grid,” Long said.

“If the lights go out, the turbine shuts down immediately.”

One concern is that Toledo Edison linemen could be working on lines they were told by their dispatchers are “dead,” meaning they have no electricity flowing through them.

But while TE may not be putting power in the wires, the wind turbine could energize the lines, causing grave danger to the workers.

Some district employees have been trained to operate some of the turbine controls. During the training process, a video was shot so future district employees will know what buttons to push.

The gravel service drive from Lafayette Street to the turbine has been removed. Long said fill dirt will be shaped, and the land seeded next spring.

Also, he said there is a “dimple” in the school parking lot caused by a crane used to install the turbine. That will be addressed, along with a sidewalk reaching to the access door in the base of the turbine.


Long told school board he had heard nothing but good comments from teachers about the two-hour delay on Friday, Nov. 9.

The delay allowed teachers to meet for two hours before students entered the building.

“Perhaps it is difficult for the public to understand why we have these delays, but it’s a great opportunity to improve,” Long said. “Teachers can help one another with the education process. That is valuable time. Valuable things happen.”

Matt Shields, middle school principal, said he was pleased with how teachers in his building used the delay time.

“Staff members gave presentations on how to use technology in the classroom… real specific technology uses,” he said.

Royal Short, high school principal, said during the delay, the high school guidance staff gave a presentation on Jump Start to high school teachers.

Jump Start is a new option for students who want to take classes from Northwest State Community College, but don’t want to travel to the campus.

There were also presentations on computer application programs by three teachers. Short said the programs centered on presentation applications.

Long presented board members with a new organizational chart of the school district showing who is responsible for what areas.

“It will serve us all well in the future,” he said.

There was no vote to approve the chart. Long asked the board to consider it for the time being.

Cost Savings

Long told the board there will be an energy audit of the district’s three buildings, which will be performed at no charge to the district.

At the end of the audit, the district will find out the total energy use and receive suggestions on where to cut back.

Long said a report should be available at the end of the calendar year.

Ziegler told the board the district received a $2,500 donation from Shopko, a local discount store. The money will be used district-wide for teacher enhancements.

State auditors will arrive, Monday Dec. 10. They will be in the district until Thursday, Jan. 10, auditing the 2012 financial records.

Janet Wyse, board member, was absent.


The school board will hold a special meeting, Monday, Dec. 3, at 4 pm in the high school conference room.

Also, a special meeting is Saturday, Dec. 8, 9 am.

The next regular meeting is Monday, Dec. 17, 5:30 pm, in the AHS media center.

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