Archbold, OH

Archbold School District Energy Project Partially Completed

New interior and exterior lighting that will use less electricity and save the Archbold Area School District money on power bills has been installed.

Replacement of two rooftop heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units at Archbold High School also will improve emergency effi- ciency. They will be installed by Saturday, Aug. 30, said Aaron Rex, superintendent.

Rex updated the school board on the energy- and money-saving project during the Monday, Aug. 18 board meeting.

The project is being done under the School Energy Conservation Program, also known as House Bill 264.

The bill allows districts to take out a loan to finance energy conservation upgrades, then pay for the work from the power bill savings the upgrades provide.

Rex told the board the total cost of the energy conservation work in Archbold is about $867,000.

The district has been working with Plug Smart, a consulting firm, on an application for an Ohio Department of Energy loan to pay for the project.

In a later interview, Rex said the ODE loan has a 1% interest rate, which was “the lowest we could find.”

At the time of the meeting, the loan application was undergoing technical review, he said.

To proceed with the project, the school board voted in June to advance $779,975 from the general fund to support the energy-efficiency project.

When the district receives the loan money, it will repay the general fund.

Rex said so far, the district has made two payments to fund the energy conservation project. There will be a total of four or five payments.

General Fund Balances

Christine Ziegler, district fiscal officer, told the board it had been operating under the 2014-15 fiscal year since July 1.

At the end of the 2012-13 fiscal year (July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013), Ziegler said the general fund balance was $3,822,100.

She had projected that the district would end Fiscal Year 2013-14 with a general fund balance of $2,311,324.

But, the actual end of year figure was $2,582,045, which was $270,721, or about 11.7%, better than her projected figure.

Later she pointed out the $779,975 that was advanced from the general fund to the energy conservation project.

If the money advanced to the conservation project was added back in, the actual end-of-year general fund balance would be $3,362,020.

In discussing student enrollment, Rex said there were more than 60 new students in the district, which is offset by the number of students whose parents choose to home school their children.

He said the district has 82 open enrollment students.

Downey, Nofziger

John Downey, board member, was approved as the school district represen- tative to the Ohio School Boards Association Capital Conference in November.

Phil Nofziger, board member, is the alternate.

The board also approved an agreement with the Edgerton Local School District to share the services of a psychologist for the new school year.

In response to a comment from Nofziger, Rex said the shared psychologist was a suggestion of an administrator.

“School psychologists are not easy to find,” Rex said.

The board also approved prices for reserved seats for home football games and fall sports passes.

As part of the board’s consensus agenda, a memorandum of understanding was approved with the classified staff concerning the transition from calamity days to calamity hours.

All members were present.

The next meeting is Monday, Sept. 15, 5:30 pm., in the AHS media center.

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