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Archbold School Cafeterias Operating In The Black; Replace Old Freezer

The Archbold Area School District cafeterias are operating in the black, and have been for two years.

Christine Ziegler, Archbold Area School District treasurer, gave the information to board members at their Monday night, June 19, meeting.

Revenues exceeded expenditures in the 2006-07 fiscal year. The cafeterias are expected to end the 2007-08 year with a cash balance. The fiscal year ends Monday, June 30.

Prior to that, Ziegler said the school board chose to subsidize the operation of cafeterias by taking money from the general fund. The subsidies ran as high as $35,600, she said.

“Those subsidies are signifi- cant dollars,” she said.

The cost of supplies has remained relatively stable. The cafeteria operations, under the direction of Sandy Babcock, have cut expenses in salaries and benefits paid to workers.

When a cafeteria worker retired, Babcock has not replaced them. Instead, she has tried to work with the staff to get the work done.

Ziegler said Babcock also has tried to serve as many type A meals as possible, as defined by the federal government. The school district is reimbursed for type A meals.

At the same time, Ziegler said of the 17 school districts that are members of the Metropolitan Toledo Educational Purchasing Association, Archbold lunch prices are still in the lower third.


David Deskins, district superintendent, said with the cafeteria operating in the black, money for new equipment can come from the cafeteria accounts rather than the general fund.

The district is going ahead with the replacement of the walk-in freezer at the middle school. The current freezer is 40 years old.

Deskins said Babcock has “jumped on board with our fiscal philosophy” of making adjustments wherever possible to save money.

The board also voted to accept an $800 breakfast grant.

Special Meeting

Ziegler warned board members that she may require a special board meeting at the end of the fiscal year to approve fund transfers necessary to close the district books.

Last year, board members granted her blanket permission to make transfers, but state auditors frowned on the practice.

The board approved temporary appropriations for the 2008-09 fiscal year at 75% of last year’s figures. The board will be asked to approve the fi- nal appropriations in May, she said.

The board also approved the purchase of liability, violence, auto, and property insurance from the Ohio School Plan for the next school year, at a cost of $42,416.

Deskins said this year, Ziegler put the school insurance package out for competitive bids, and while the business stayed with the Ohio School Plan, the premium was substantially reduced.

All members were present, and all votes unanimous. The next meeting is Monday, July 21, 5:30 pm, in the Archbold High School media center.- David Pugh

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