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Archbold School Board Okays $12.7 Million General Fund

The Archbold Area School Board approved permanent general fund appropriations of $12.7 million during its Monday, Sept. 24 meeting.

Christine Ziegler, district treasurer, said general fund appropriations show a 2.7% increase from the 2011-12 school fiscal year.

In the past, Ziegler said the school district does not spend 100% of the money it appropriates. The board modified appropriations during the course of the year.

The general fund is just one of several funds. Most day-to-day operating costs, including teacher and staff salaries, come through the general fund.

School cafeterias have their own fund, as does money earmarked for bond repayment.

This year, the total appropriated for all funds is $16.3 million, down $1.4 million, or about 8%, from the last fiscal year.

She said much of the reduction was due to the fact that the money to build the district wind turbine was run through district books in 2011-12.

Ziegler also said about $500,000 of the $16.3 million total is federal grant money.

Wind Turbine

Joe Long, interim superintendent, said gremlins have appeared at the Indiana factory where the blades for the wind turbine are being made.

“The construction of the blades is the holdup” on completing the project, he said.

Independent quality control has been put into place at the factory.

The blades are now expected to arrive at the end of October.

Michelle Bagrowski, district curriculum director, said the Ohio Department of Education announced it will release official data on school report cards, but won’t release the report cards themselves.

ODE and the Ohio auditor are investigating the possibility that some school districts, including the Toledo City district, were involved in a scheme to juggle school attendance numbers to improve their state test scores. As a result, their school report cards would look better.

The practice is known as “data scrubbing.”

Bagrowski said there are 34 students enrolled in Archbold R.O.C.K.S.

R.O.C.K.S. stands for Recreation, Opportunity, Community, Knowledge, and Success. It’s a before- and after-school program offered to students.

The program is set to start this week.

ACT scores

Royal Short, high school principal, said results are in from the ACT, or American College Test.

Archbold students scored higher than both national and state averages.

“Our students performed very well,” he said.

Matthew Shields, middle school principal, said there were several changes in the staff at the middle school, but all were completed smoothly

He said staff members at the middle school “are trying to stay in front of changes at the state level,” including such things as teacher evaluations.

“A lot of big changes are coming our way,” he said.

Dorothy Lambert, elementary principal, said some of the state changes include a new third grade guarantee, which requires third graders be able to read before being promoted to fourth grade.

She said while the state legislature changed several rules, the ODE had to go through four revisions of what school districts could and couldn’t do to meet the requirements.

Archbold Elementary already does many of the things the state requires, but not all meet state deadlines.

“We’re going to use this year to blend it all together,” she said.

Shields noted his school’s Grandparents Day is Friday, Oct. 5.

The program has been a real success, he said.

The next Archbold Area School Board meeting is Monday, Oct. 22, 5:30 pm, at the AHS media center.–David Pugh

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