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Archbold School Board Discusses Report Cards

The Archbold Area School Board spent much of its Monday, March 14 meeting discussing school report cards.

Report card data was issued on two separate days, and many districts across the state saw a decrease in their scores.

Aaron Rex, superintendent, said a lot of people across the state are upset with the ODE report card results.

“Only two schools across the state got all As. A lot of schools that were Excellent saw their scores decline,” he said.

Michelle Bagrowski, district curriculum director, told the board information from the tests is analyzed. That information is provided to teachers, who make adjustments to their teaching.

As an example, Rex said when fifth graders had problems meeting state requirements in math, the middle school schedule was changed.

Math classes were “double blocked,” meaning the students were in math class for two periods, back-to-back– essentially doubling the time in math class.

Rex said school officials must take the report card data “for what it is, and use what information we can.”


Royal Short, high school principal, said the AHS government class, through a program called Project Citizen, looked at ways to solve problems through public policy changes.

Groups of students worked on several problems, then presented the ideas to a panel of school staff members.

One group came up with the idea to establish a clothing bank for students who need clothes.

Short said students and teachers pitched in, and now, a clothing bank has been established in a closet at the school.


The board accepted the resignation of Luana King, effective May 25.

Rex said King had worked in a lot of different roles within Archbold schools.

“She interacted with the kids well. She will be missed,” Rex said.

The next meeting is Monday, April 18, 5 pm, in the AHS media center.

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