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Archbold School Administrators Get Stipend, Raises

Archbold Area School District administrators will get a $500 stipend for 2013- 14, and most will get 1% pay raises for the next two years.

That was the decision of the Archbold Area School Board at its Wednesday, July 17 meeting.

The decision came following an executive session that lasted about two hours.

The pact is similar to the three-year master contract the board negotiated with the Archbold Education Association. Teachers accepted a freeze in base pay, followed by two years of 1% raises.

However, if teachers are due for a step increase due to an additional year of service or additional education, they will receive the increase.

The district classified staff (custodians, cooks, etc.) re- ceived a similar deal.

The board approved the salary agreements with the teachers and classified staff in June.

Case By Case

The $500 payment is called a stipend. It is a onetime payment that is not calculated into the administrator’s base pay.

Aaron Rex, who starts his first full year as superintendent this fall, currently receives an annual salary of $101,000. He is the highestpaid administrator.

For the 2013-14 fiscal year, he will receive the $500 stipend, making his salary $101,500.

The following year, 2014- 15, he will receive a 1% pay raise, calculated on his 2012-13 salary of $101,000. His 2014-15 salary will be $102,010.

The next year, 2015-16, he will receive another 1% raise, making his salary for that year $103,030.10.

Other administrators:

•Royal Short, high school principal, currently earns $82,000.

With the $500 stipend, his salary is $82,500.

For 2014-15, his salary increases to $82,820, then $83,648.20 in 2015-16.

•Matt Shields, middle school principal. Current salary, $74,000; with stipend, $74,500; 2014-15, $74,740; 2015-16, $75,487.40.

•Dorothy Lambert, elementary school principal. Current salary, $76,121; 2013-14, $76,621; 2014- 15, $76,882.21; 2015-16, $77,651.03.

•Michelle Bagrowski, curriculum director. Current salary, $60,008; 2013-14, $60,508;2014-15,$60,608.08; 2015-16, $61,214.16.

•Robyn Kuhlman, school psychologist.Currentsalary: $38,447; 2013-14, $38,947; 2014-15, $38,831.47; 2015- 16, $39,219.78.


Christine Ziegler, district treasurer and chief financial officer, received a 1% raise for 2013-14. She is the only administrator to receive a raise for that year.

She also received the $500 stipend.

Her current salary is $70,165. For 2013-14, with her 1% raise and stipend, her salary will be $71,336.65.

For 2014-15 and 2015-16, she will receive 2% raises each year. She will be paid $72,283.98 and $73,729.66, respectively, for those years.

The school board granted Allan Gladieux, high school athletic director, a one-year package.

He received the $500 stipend, raising his current salary from $62,733 to $63,233.

The board also will pick up 1% of the payments toward his retirement. In other words, it will pay an additional 1% to his State Teachers Retirement System plan.

All board members were present, but prior to the vote on administrator salaries, John Downey, board member, left due to a prior commitment.

The remaining four members voted unanimously to approve the administrator pay packages.

The next board meeting is Monday, Aug. 19, 5:30 pm.– David Pugh

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