Archbold, OH

Archbold, Ridgeville Fire Departments Far Above Average

The Archbold-German Township Fire Department and Ridgeville Township Volunteer Fire Department are two of the many blessings Archbold and Ridgeville Corners enjoy. Yet, most of us never realize how lucky we are.

Any time of day or night, if there’s a fire, if there’s a medical emergency… so long as someone needs help and can reach a telephone, help will arrive in minutes.

When the Archbold Fire Department, Archbold Rescue, Fulton County’s ALS- 1 paramedic unit, or the Ridgeville Fire Department arrive, it won’t be with a bandage and a garden hose. They arrive with trucks loaded with specialized firefighting and life-saving equipment, ready for nearly any challenge.

There are many areas throughout the country, and around the world, who don’t enjoy such lifesaving services.

It takes lots of money to provide the services, but more importantly, it takes people. Dedicated, selfless men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others. They give up days of their time to learn the necessary skills, to give hours and hours to planning for emergencies they hope will never happen.

Think about protecting your family from all dangers and count your blessings that the Archbold-German Township Fire Department and Ridgeville Township Fire Department are prepared to serve you.

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