Archbold, OH

Archbold Residents Receive Fair Recognition

Several Archbold and Archbold area residents were honored for their exhibits during the 2007 Fulton County Fair.

Keith Oyer, Archbold, showed the grand champion gelding in horse competition, while Jessica Robbins, rural Pettisville, showed the reserve champion gelding.

In the pony classes, Natalee Rose, Archbold, showed the reserve champion mare, and Brandon Oyer, Archbold showed the reserve champion gelding.

The Roger Crossgrove family, rural Archbold, showed a cow that was declared the junior champion of female Holsteins.

Archbold’s Kent Nafziger had the overall best in show, plus the best in show, senior entry, in the photography competition.

Larry Armstrong, Archbold, received the blue ribbon in the floral competition, senior division (second show) as the best of show- dahlia.

The needlework entry of Sherry Schweinhagen, Archbold, was awarded the judges’ overall best of show.

Archbold High School cheerleaders were third in the varsity large division.

Others winners follow:


Alpacas: grand champion huacaya: Julie Bodette, Swanton; reserve champion Huacaya: Greg & Linda Carter, Metamora; grand champion Suri: Sandy Fisher, Riga, Mich., reserve champion Suri: David and Kathie Harris, Findlay; grand performance champion and reserve performance champion, Joy Bishop Forshey, Wauseon.

Beef cattle: grand champion female shorthorn and overall champion female: Taylor West, Fayette; reserve champion female shorthorn and reserve champion female, all other breeds: Ryan Borer, Fayette; grand champion female angus, reserve champion female angus, grand champion bull angus and reserve champion bull angus: Dansende Bae Angus, Napoleon; grand champion female all other breeds: Nicole Johnson, Wauseon;

Dairy cattle: grand champion male, junior champion female jersey, and reserve junior champion female jersey: Andre Family, Wauseon; reserve junior champion holsteins: Katie Knisely, Fayette; grand champion female holstein: Cottonwood-Vale, Lee Leininger, Fayette; reserve champion holstein female: Clif-Ann Holsteins, Fayette.

Dairy goats: best senior doe of show: Robert Dunlap, Sherwood; best junior doe of show: Barb Rash, Fayette.

Fowl: grand champion large fowl, grand champion bantam, overall best of poultry show: Lewis Cunningham, Fayette; grand champion duck: Trey Keefer, Fayette; grand champion goose: Paige Keefer, Fayette; grand champion turkey, Nicole Natter, Swanton.

Horses: grand champion mare: Judy Harrison, Delta; grand champion gelding: Keith Oyer, Archbold.

Llamas: grand champion non breeding llama, grand champion medium wool female, grand champion heavy wool female: Debbi Andrews, Oakland, Ill.; reserve champion non-breeding llama: Shelle Johnson, Grabill, Ind.; grand champion light wool female: Cindy Wilson, Philo; reserve champion light wool female, reserve champion medium wool female, and reserve champion medium wool male: Lloyd and Tami Lash, Manitou Beach, Mich.; grand champion medium wool male and grand champion heavy wool male: Jack and Donna Moore, Somerset; reserve champion heavy wool female, Bill and Marie Safreed, Pleasantville; reserve champion heavy wool male: Don and Deb Yeagle, Lindsay; grand performance champion jr-int: Emily Talbott, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; reserve performance champion jr-int: Brady Forshey, Wauseon; grand performance champion senior and reserve performance champion senior, Tom and Doris Schlemmer, Huntertown, Ind.

Ponies: grand champion mare: Tommy Lee Cogan, Wauseon; grand champion gelding: Heather Echler, Swanton.

All Others

Agriculture: best display of canned goods: Joanne Shumaker, Swanton; best tomato display: Char Kruez, Delta; best cole display and best fruit display: Sylvia Kreuz, Metamora; best potato display: Roger Myers: Neapolis; best decorative seed display: Hannah Herr, Metamora; best gourd display: Brayden Herman, Stryker: best tasting wine: Roy Stoll, Fayette.

Antiques: judges choice: Nancie Beaverson, Fayette.

Antique tractor show: best restored antique tractor: Kevin Aeschliman, Wauseon; most unusual antique tractor: Lester Warnke, Wauseon.

Basketball: overall winner, men’s three-point: Logan Husted, Hicksville; overall winner, men’s foul shooting: Ladd Corbin, Hudson, Mich.; overall winner, women’s three-point: Leah Wiemken, Defiance; overall winner, women’s foul shooting: Amber Faulhaber, Edon.

Car demo derby: first show: Paul Rupp, Wauseon; second show: Doug Miller, Lyons.

Combine demo derby: Doug Miller, Lyons.

Ceramics: overall best of show: Peg Badenhop, Napoleon; judges’ choice senior: Karen Riches, Wauseon; judges’ choice junior: Jasmine Gillingham, Metamora; judges’ choice professional: Terry LeBarr, Swanton.

Cheerleading: varsity, small division: 1st: Holgate; 2nd: Liberty Center; 3rd: Delta; varsity, large division: 1st: Napoleon; 2nd: Wauseon; 3rd: Archbold; Freshmen-JV1st: Liberty Center; 2nd: Holgate; junior high: 1st: Holgate; 2nd: Liberty Center; 3rd: Evergreen; spirit award: Evergreen.

Culinary: judges’ choice senior entry: Jenny Riegsecker, Delta; judges’ junior entry: Jessica Miller, Delta.

Fine Arts: overall best of show: Josie Stultz, Swanton; best senior entry: Amy Rupp, Wauseon; best junior entry: Madison Roehi, Grand Rapids; best professional entry: Jeff Hoffman, Delta; best non-professional entry: Danielle Eckert, Delta.

Floral First Show, senior division: best of show roses: Cheryl Menard, Maumee; best of show miniature roses: Neree Emmons, Fayette; best of show annual-pe- rennial: Paul Hershberger, Stryker; best of show, glads: Kathy Leggio, Swanton; best of show, dahlia: Marlene Ward, Delta; best of show, artistic arrangement: Arlene Pennell, Liberty Center

Floral First Show, junior division: best of show horticulture: Laura Galbraith, Delta; best of show, artistic arrangement: Elise Crosser, Swanton.

Floral Second Show, senior division: best of show roses: Cheryl Menard, Maumee; best of show miniature roses: Neree Emmons, Fayette; best of show annualperennial: Paul Hershberger, Stryker; best of show, glads: Butch Zimmerman, Delta; best of show, artistic arrangement: Connie Kovatch, Swanton.

Floral Second Show, junior division: best of show, horticulture: Aaron Morrin, Berkey; best of show, artistic arrangement, Laura Galbraith: Delta.

Hobbies: best of show, senior entry: Ferrel Bowers, Liberty Center; best of show, junior entry: Zachery Williams, Swanton: overall best of show, Marlene Callender, Wauseon.

Needlework: judges’ choice best junior entry: Bethany Gerity, Delta; judges’ choice best senior entry: Kathy Zolman, Wauseon; overall best of show, household arts: Kathy Kusz, Toledo; overall best of show needlework: Dorothy Stutz, Malinta; people’s choice award: Luella Markley, Wauseon; judges choice honorable mention: June Williams, Deerfield, Mich.; Midori Hieley, Wauseon; Chris Olwick, Swanton; Christine Pfund, Delta; Judy Hale, Wauseon; Gwen Kruse, Defi- ance; Karen Bower, Toledo.

Photography: best in show, junior entry: Carrie Cole, Wauseon.

Rough Truck Challenge: stock truck: Chris Leupp (no town available); modified truck: Dale Dennull.

Tole & Decorative Arts: best in show, senior entry: Mary Lou Tilse, Delta; best in show, junior entry: Nicole Sherrick, Toledo; best in show, novice entry: Carol England, Wauseon; best in show, professional entry, Ann Schang, Fayette.

Woodworking: best in show, senior entry: Clarence Pike, Wauseon; overall best of show: Don Schroeder, Wauseon.

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