Archbold, OH

Archbold Police Log

April 5

12:02 pm: Vehicle unlock, 200 block Rosewood Ct.

1:45 pm: Truck with smoke coming from back tires, brakes, N. Defiance St. at E. Lutz Rd.

2:29 pm: 911 hang-up, high school, accidental.

2:34 pm: Found property, Laub Auto Parts.

3:27 pm: Verbal warning, parking in front of fire hydrant, Buckeye St. at De- Groff Ave.

3:55 pm: Citation to Reba Wyse, 30, Archbold, disobeying stop sign, E. Holland St. at Vine St.

6:40 pm: Follow-up, on station.

10:50 pm: Suspicious vehicle, 400 block Union St., all okay.

April 6

12:14 pm: Citation to Arthur Sutton, 75, Archbold, speeding, 300 block Nolan Parkway.

April 7

12:26 am: Domestic trouble, Fox Chase.

3:43 pm: Deliver message for Bryan police, 100 block West St.

4:01 pm: Unruly juvenile, 500 block West St., refer to juvenile probation.

11:54 pm: Vehicle unlock, 100 block West St.

April 8

12:01 pm: Traffic detail, St. Peter Catholic Church, funeral.

1:58 pm: Left message, 300 block S. Defiance St.

2:42 pm: Crossing guard duty, Franklin St. at Park St.

3:44 pm: Verbal warning, parking violation, 300 block Ditto St., parking facing the wrong direction.

4:53 pm: Verbal warning, riding bicycles on the wrong side of the street, Storrer St. at Walnut St.

5:39 pm: Parking violations, five written warnings, one verbal warning for not parking as directed in a public lot, 200 block Lafayette St.

6:35 pm: Dog found, 1000 block Olds Lane.

6:53 pm: Assist fire-rescue, Archbold Medical Center.

11:15 pm: Vehicle unlock, 200 block N. Lincoln St.

April 9

8:48 am: Report of stolen license plate, Car 1, plate located, no crime committed.

9:28 am: Vehicle unlock, Sauder Manufacturing.

12 pm: Citation to Franchesca Ramos-Hebb, 31, Archbold, school bus violation, E. Holland St. at Sawmill Ct.

5:28 pm: Child’s blue swimming pool in street, S. Defiance St. at W. Lugbill Rd., removed.

5:48 pm: Parking violations, three written warnings, two verbal warnings for not parking as directed in a public lot, 200 block Lafayette St.

6:29 pm: Missing person, 600 block S. Defiance St., subject located.

10:09 pm: Released dog to owner at Archbold wastewater treatment plant kennel.

April 10

4:35 am: Assist fire-rescue, 100 block Murbach St.

12:51 pm: School patrol, middle school.

3:32 pm: Loose cattle, 200 block Clyde’s Way.

3:35 pm: Verbal warning, parking where signs prohibit, middle school.

3:43 pm: Civil issue, East Gardens.

4:58 pm: ARS complained about too much trash put out, residence in 400 block of Park St.

5:28 pm: Juvenile in street, 200 block Park St., went into street to get ball, all okay.

9:41 pm: Loose dog, 400 block High St.

11:49 pm: 911 hang-up, Jane Ct., accidental.

April 11

3:27 pm: Disabled semi, N. Defiance St. at E. Lutz Rd.

5:27 pm: Issued two bicycle safety awards, 500 block Ditto St.

8:03 pm: Suspicious person, Ruihley Park.

11:27 pm: Road blocked by train, Defiance St. Norfolk Southern railroad crossing.

April 12

3:31 am: 911 hang-up, ConAgra, accidental.

8:43 am: 911 hang-up, Sawmill Ct., child playing with phone.

10:11 am: Vehicle unlock, 100 block South St.

2:11 pm: Telephone company, on station.

5:43 pm: Assist street department, Archbold Cemetery.

April 13

8:13 am: Assist fire-rescue, 500 block Cardinal Dr.

9:22 am: Assist with Easter Egg Hunt, Ruihley Park.

12:17 pm: Removed trash can from roadway, 400 block W. Holland St.

3 pm: Welfare check, 100 block Garden Dr., subject in hospital.

8:13 pm: Possible dog abuse, 400 block Ditto St., appeared to be okay.

April 14

1:37 pm: Assist fire-rescue, 300 block E. Holland St.

8:44 pm: Community service, Ruihley Park Pavilion.

April 15

7:32 am: Crossing guard duty, S. Defiance St at Lafayette St.

7:50 am: Disabled vehicle, subject got assistance prior to officer arrival.

8:39 am: Suspicious vehicle, Circle K, all okay.

11:04 am: Attempted to serve civil process papers, 800 block West St., unable to locate.

3:29 pm: Vehicle unlock, 400 block E. Lutz Rd.

5:19 pm: Issued bicycle safety award, 200 block Hawthorn Dr.

5:35 pm: Issued three bicycle safety awards, 400 block Brussel St.

6:13 pm: Peace keep, Holland Ct. apartments.

April 16

8:27 am: Transported three to Henry-Defiance county line.

3:14 pm: Narcotics, report on station.

8:13 pm: Welfare check, East Gardens.

11:28 pm: Miscellaneous complaints, 300 block Ditto St.

April 17

8:05 am: School patrol, elementary school.

1:53 pm: School bus violation, 300 block Short-Buehrer Rd.

1:59 pm: Watching for wrong-way drivers, 100 block Depot St.

2:04 pm: Citation to Lynn Rex, 43, Archbold, wrong way on a one-way street, 100 block Depot St.

4:52 pm: Civil process papers, Fox Chase, unfounded.

5:16 pm: Watching for wrong-way drivers, 100 block Depot St.

5:20 pm: Answered questions about vehicle registration, on station.

5:25 pm: Domestic trouble, reported on station.

9:29 pm: Watching for wrong-way drivers, 200 block Depot St.

11:02 pm: Loose dog, 1100 S. Defiance St., unfounded.

11:30 pm: Watching for wrong-way drivers, 100 block Depot St.

April 18

7:12 am: Vehicle unlock, Frozen Specialties.

8:09 am: Suspicious activity, 100 block Walnut St.

9:24 am: Answered questions for subject, on station.

9:30 am: Watching for wrong-way drivers, 100 block Depot St.

Note: During the preceding week, Archbold police issued verbal warnings for failure to use turn signals, speeding, disobeying stop signs, expired registration, no front license plate, no visible registration.