Archbold, OH

Archbold Police Log

Aug. 3

12:22 pm: A car, driven by Ashley McNamara, 21, Archbold, was traveling east in the Fox Chase drive. A minivan, driven by Galen D. Grieser, Jr., 76, Osseo, Mich., with passenger Mary Sue Grieser, 68, same address, was traveling south on S. Defiance St. The minivan was north of the Fox Chase drive, and was slowing in the southbound lane, with its right turn signal on. McNamara thought the minivan was going to turn into the Fox Chase drive, but in fact, it was going to turn into Pamida, south of Fox Chase. McNamara pulled onto S. Defiance St., and they collided. McNamara cited for failure to yield the right of way. No injuries.

1:19 pm: Welfare check, 600 block Lafayette St., all okay.

4:50 pm: A car, owned by Susana Garcia, rural Archbold, was parked in an angled parking space on the north side of the 200 block of W. Williams St., 1,320 feet west of Ditto St. A second car, driven by Shane B. Machala, 20, Wauseon, with passengers Avante S.M. Koonce, 19, Wauseon, William M. Dorsey, 14, Wauseon, and Brayden Culp, 8, rural Wauseon, was backing out of a parking space with its door ajar. The door struck the parked auto. Machala was cited for violation of rules for starting and backing vehicles, and driving while license suspended. No injuries.

Aug. 4

1:13 am: Loud music, Fox Chase, advised to turn it down.

1:25 am: Telephone harassment, 402 S. Pleasant St.

10:05 am: A pickup, driven by Douglas D. Rupp, 64, rural Stryker, was parked at Lugbill Supply on the east side on the parking lot. A car, driven by Charles Lugbill, 84, Archbold, was driving north through the lot. Rupp backed his pickup truck, and they collided. No injuries.

9:15 pm: Manhole cover removed, S. Lincoln St. at West Barre Rd., cover put back.

Aug. 5

5:37 pm: Drive off, Archbold Main Stop.

10 pm: Domestic dispute, 400 block S. Defiance St., spoke with parties.

11 pm: Found disabled parking permit, 500 block S. Defiance St., returned to owner.

Aug. 6

3:25 pm: Animal call, 100 block Elm St.

9:18 pm: Traffic stop, 600 block N. Defiance St., no taillight, citation issued to Logan Short, 46, Archbold.

12:07 am: Loud noise, Fox Chase, advised to turn the music down.

Aug. 7

4:50 pm: A semi, driven by Christopher E. Bolton, 52, Dayton, was traveling south on N. Defiance St., and attempted to make a right turn to go west on Stryker St. The semi turned too sharply, and hit the steel post guarding the sidewalk. Bolton was cited for an improper right turn. No injuries.

Aug. 8

1:28 pm: A car, driven by Leitha B. Cottrell, 85, Archbold, was exiting the driveway at Archbold SuperValu while a car, driven by Joanne S. Wilson, 74, Archbold, was traveling south on S. Defi- ance St. They collided. Cottrell was cited for failure to yield the right-of-way. No injuries.

1:25 pm: Domestic trouble, 400 block S. Defiance St.

2:16 pm: Auto mishap, 200 block E. Lugbill Rd.

4:59 pm: Assisted Archbold Fire-Rescue, Napoleon- Lynx, vehicle fire.

6:08 pm: Telephone complaint, harassment, 229 Westfield Dr.

7:38 pm: Assisted Archbold Fire-Rescue, Napoleon- Lynx, juvenile fell, hit head.

9:27 pm: Woodchuck in yard, 800 block West St., advised to get a live trap or call exterminator.

11:30 pm: Domestic trouble, East Gardens, stood by while subject moved out.

Aug. 9

1:03 am: Vandalism, 207 1/2 E. Mechanic St.

6:48 am: Citation to Jason Stubblefield, 39, Stryker, speeding, 500 block Lafayette St.

11:04 am: Subject found bicycle, 300 block E. Mechanic St., placed in vehicle storage building.

3:05 pm: An SUV driven by Shawn Lee Bachelder, 32, Morenci, Mich., was traveling north in the ConAgra parking lot. Another SUV, driven by Evelyn G. Biggs, 56, Archbold, was backing. They collided. No injuries.

7:41 pm: Lost property, 1200 block S. Defiance St.

Note: During the preceding week, Archbold police offi cers gave verbal warnings for failure to maintain an assured clear distance ahead, speeding, driving with a headlight out, disobeying a stop sign, illegally-dark window tinting, and no taillights.

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