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Archbold Police Catch Juveniles After Chase

An Archbold police offi- cer on bicycle patrol apprehended two juveniles who were involved in suspicious activities during the early morning hours of Thursday, Aug. 9.

At about 1:03 am, a man who lives in the 200 block of E. Mechanic St. observed someone crouched down near the rear tire of his vehicle. The man yelled at the subject, and four people started running.

The man called 911, then ran after the subjects.

The bicycle patrol offi- cer saw the man chasing someone. The man said the subjects were fleeing to the west.

In his report, the bicycle officer said he gave chase, heading west and south.

“When I was on South Lincoln Street, I observed two subjects running the backyards on Middle St.

“I identified myself as a police officer and yelled for them to stop. They continued to run, and I caught up with them while I was still on bike, and yelled again for them to stop.”

One of the fleeing subjects, a female juvenile, “fell to the ground and started crying.”

The officer said as he was speaking to the girl, a male juvenile came back to the scene “with his hands in the air, saying he gave up.”

A second officer driving a patrol car took the two juveniles to the Archbold police station, where arrangements were made to return them to their parents.

Police are continuing the investigation. A spokesman said officers have leads on the identities of the other two suspects.

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