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Archbold Park Revenue Down, Funds Sufficient

Jennifer Kidder, director of Archbold Parks and Recreation Department, said revenue for her department is down, but not in a crisis mode yet.

Financial issues were just one of several items Kidder discussed at the Archbold Park Board meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 14.

The board receives a onequarter of a percentage point share (.25%) of the 1.5% municipal income tax. Tax receipts have been lower this year when compared to last year.

“The income tax is low, so we’re low, ” she said.

From Jan. 1 through July 31, the park board received $428,544.97 from the income tax, down $65,270.06, or about 13.2%, from the same time period last year, when the tax generated $493,815.03.

Kidder said the board recently made a payment of about $264,000 on the notes used to fi- nance the construction of Woodland Park. The payment was applied towards both principal and interest.

“That’s a big chunk of our money gone,” she said.

She also noted revenue generated by the Archbold Swimming Pool is down a little.

While July was hot, cool weather predominated early in the summer, which holds down pool revenue. August, she said, is not a big month for the pool.

While revenues are down, Kidder said there still is a sufficient reserve to operate the park programs.

“We will not be doing any huge major projects,” she said.

One project that will be done this fall is landscaping at Woodland Park, which will be funded by an Ohio Department of Natural Resources Natureworks grant, awarded earlier in the year.

Ruihley Park

Kidder said she told park board about problems with the large picnic shelter near the ice rink and sand volleyball courts in Ruihley Park.

Wooden support posts holding the roof are showing signs of rot. The posts have been braced, so the structure is safe, but Kidder said she contacted contractors for quotes to repair the damage.

She has not received the quotes, she said.

“We want to take care of that quickly.”


Registration for fall sports is underway. Kidder said there are nine traveling soccer teams, Parks and Rec soccer teams, and flag football teams.

Those interested may register at the Archbold Municipal Building.

Next Park Board meeting is 7 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 11.- David Pugh

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