Archbold, OH

Archbold Not Ready To Turn Out The Lights

An old expression about a dying town is, “Will the last person out of town please turn out the lights?”

With the recent closing of two retail businesses, Burger King and S&S Express, some citizens might think the phrase could apply to Archbold.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Out-of-town owners ran the operations. When business turned bad, they closed the doors to cut their losses.

But people who know Archbold know there is still plenty of opportunity here. The owners of Stella Blue, a new local restaurant, were happy to make a large investment in the community. The same is true of The Savvy Dog, the new Archbold pet boutique.

The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center board knows Archbold has plenty to offer; they chose Archbold for a new office building in the industrial park.

Many retail businesses have come and gone from the Archbold scene, even in good economic times. Surviving in the retail marketplace is never easy.

Archbold has lost two highly-visible retailers, but no citizen is ready to turn out the lights.

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