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Archbold Needs Better Cell Phone Service



The cellular telephone is a truly amazing device. It fits in a small pocket, and you can contact nearly anyone in the world.

That is, of course, if you have adequate cellular service.

More and more people are turning to cell phones. At the same time, they’re unfortunately dropping their traditional landline phones to save a little money.

But when there are dead spots in cellular coverage, are our hands tied behind our back?

Archbold is a thriving community, and as such, deserves the best cell phone service possible. Gaps and dead spots in coverage should not be allowed or tolerated.

Archbold customers pay a significant amount of money to cell phone service providers every month. The least the providers can do is show appreciation to their customers by providing excellent service to the village.

It’s not just about convenience. Emergency services– police, fire, and rescue– depend on the eyes and ears of the public. If people on the scene of life-threatening incidents can call 911 faster using cell phones, emergency services can respond faster.

One cell phone provider announced plans to construct a new tower in Archbold this year, then backed off. We need the tower now, not later, for more reliable cell service.

Local customers deserve nothing less. Doesn’t Archbold deserve better?

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