Archbold, OH

Archbold Man Indicted

Robert L. Junk, Jr., 41, Archbold, was indicted on a single count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle by the Fulton County Grand Jury.

The grand jury met Monday, July 19, and handed down indictments against a total of 15 persons for crimes committed in Fulton County.

The indictment against Junk specifies that on or about June 21, he allegedly operated a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

Others indicted:

•Pamela Parsons, 47, Delta; indicted on two counts, theft in office; one count each, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and tampering with records. On or about Jan. 1 2009 to April 10, 2009, she allegedly stole property valued at $5,000 or more from her municipal office. Scott Haselman, county prosecutor, confi rmed that Parsons was a utilities clerk for the Village of Delta during the time frame specified in the indictment.

•Edward J. Evanoff, 51, Monclova, Thomas J. Wylie, 50, Swanton, and Aaron J. Price, 22, Swanton, each indicted on one count, misconduct at an emergency; Price indicted on two counts, assault, Evanoff and Wylie indicted on a single count of assault; on or about July 2, each allegedly hampered the lawful operations of a firefighter, and allegedly caused or attempted to cause physical harm to that firefighter.

•David P. Tressler III, 27, Wauseon; indicted on one count escape; on or about June 29, he allegedly fled from a law enforcement offi cer after being placed under arrest.

•Javier R. Estrada, 28, Defiance, indicted on two counts domestic violence; on or about June 14, allegedly caused or attempted to cause physical harm to two family or household members.

•Michael W. Cluckey II, 29, Wauseon; indicted on two counts burglary, one count theft of drugs, one count aggravated possession of drugs; on or about July 15, he allegedly stole Endocet, a narcotic painkiller and dangerous drug, from a Wauseon home.

•Jennifer S. Bacholl, 39, Wauseon; indicted on two counts, deception to obtain a dangerous drug; on or about Dec. 14, 2009, and Dec. 29, 2009, she allegedly obtained the painkiller Oxycodone, a dangerous drug, illegally.

•Chareletta L. Deloney, 26, Toledo, and Garrett A. Evans, 22, Toledo; both indicted on one count trafficking in cocaine; on or about July 14, both allegedly sold crack cocaine in the vicinity of a juvenile; Deloney also indicted on one count permitting drug abuse; allegedly operated the vehicle used in the commission of the trafficking offense.

•Jordan E. Maginn, 19, Fayette; indicted on one count each, burglary, receiving stolen property; on or about July 5, allegedly stole items from a Fayette home.

•Eric J. Murray, 18, Swanton, indicted on one count burglary; on or about June 19, allegedly broke into a Swanton residence.

•Raymond S. Arent, 18, Toledo; indicted on one count receiving stolen property; on or about June 26, allegedly received property he knew or believed to have been stolen.

•Amy J. Lopez, 35, Delta; indicted on two counts passing bad checks, one count theft; on or about April 25 to May 2, allegedly wrote several bad checks totaling between $500 and $5,000 to Archbold and Wauseon businesses, knowing they would be dishonored.

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