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Archbold Man Among Those Indicted Aug. 21

Stuart T. Carroll, 50, Archbold, was indicted on drugrelated charges by a Fulton County Grand Jury.

The grand jury met on Monday, Aug. 21, and returned indictments against 20 individuals.

The indictment handed down against Carroll charges him with one count of possession of heroin and one count of aggravated possession of drugs.

Scott Haselman, Fulton County prosecuting attorney, said in a press release that on or about Jan. 21, Carroll was in possession of heroin and methamphetamine.

Also among those indicted were Jeshua L. Gilmore, 18, Toledo, and Skye F. Thibodeaux, 18, Delta.

Gilmore is charged in connection with the shooting and wounding of Jeremy Simon, a Fulton County sheriff deputy, on July 31. Thibodeaux was allegedly a passenger in the vehicle Gilmore was driving at the time.

Charges against them are profiled elsewhere in this newspaper.

Others indicted:

•Cody A. Craley, 18, Delta; indicted on one count each, grand theft of a motor vehicle, theft; on or about July 3-4, he allegedly stole a motor vehicle and a ring.

•Drake M. Johnson, 22, Weston; indicted on one count, theft: on or about April 12, allegedly stole jewelry valued at more than $1,000 but less than $7,500.

•Ronald E. Prichard, 46, Defiance; indicted on one count, possession of heroin; on or about Jan. 30, allegedly possessed heroin.

•Amber L. Shindler, 26, and Alan W. Mandly, 57, Delta; each indicted on three counts, illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs; one count each, illegal manufacture of drugs, aggravated possession of drugs; on or about July 8-25, allegedly possessed methamphetamine, allegedly manufactured methamphetamine, and allegedly possessed chemicals for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

•Jack W. New, 36, Fayette; indicted on two counts, intimidation; on or about July 16, he allegedly, by force or threat of harm, attempted to influence or intimidate witnesses in the discharge of their duties.

•David W. Foster, 28, Morenci, Mich.; indicted on one count, identity fraud; on or about July 19, allegedly used personal identifying information of another person with the intent to hold himself out to be the other person.

•Franklin D. Lewis, 61, Toledo; indicted on two counts, improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle; on or about July 28, allegedly transported a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

•Jonathan I. Shepard, 37, Wauseon; indicted on one count, domestic violence; on or about July 29, allegedly caused or attempted to cause physical harm to a family or household member.

•Cochise K. Cooper, 47, Fayette; indicted on 11 counts, pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor; on or about Aug. 17 and Oct. 19, 2016, he allegedly distributed and possessed material that shows a minor participating or engaging in sexual activity.

•Trayca D. James, 22, Fayette, and Jessica C. Fonseca, 41, Fayette; each indicted on two counts, obstructing justice; on or about Aug. 9, allegedly harbored or concealed another person.

•Melvin E. Myers, 62, Wauseon; indicted on one count each, importuning, pandering obscenity involving a minor; two counts, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles; on or about Aug. 4, allegedly solicited a person over age 13 but under 16 to engage in sexual activity, also allegedly provided obscene material to a juvenile.

•Gwendolyn A. Smith, 56, Toledo; indicted on one count, theft from a person in a protected class; on or about Dec. 5, 2016 to May 11, 2017, allegedly stole property valued at more than $7,500 but less than $37,500.

•Jessie A. Rodriguez, 23, Fayette; indicted on one count, unauthorized use of a vehicle; on or about Aug. 9- 11, allegedly operated a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner and removed it from the state.

•Dennis D. Rosecrans, 34, Russellville, Ala.; indicted on one count, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor; on or about the months of May to June 2015, allegedly engaged in sexual conduct with a person over age 13 but under 16.

•Matthew A. Zahner, 22, Delta; indicted on one count, illegal use of a minor in a nudity-oriented matter or performance; on or about Nov. 19, 2016, to May 29, 2017, allegedly possessed material or a performance showing a minor in a state of nudity.

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