Archbold, OH

Archbold Hospital ER To Close Sept. 10

The emergency room at Archbold Hospital is tentatively set to close Friday, Sept. 10, at 8 am.

The hospital will stop accepting patients to stay at the hospital for more than 23 hours at 8 am, Tuesday, Sept. 7. The inpatient nursing units will be closed when the last inpatient is discharged.

The information is from a memo to all Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers employees issued by Phil Ennen, CHWC president and chief executive offi cer, on Thursday, Aug. 26.

Ennen said CHWC was considering closing the emergency room and inpatient services departments at the Archbold facility in the Aug. 11 issue of this newspaper.

The CHWC board of directors approved the closures in a meeting, Wednesday, Aug. 25.

Ennen said business volume in the Archbold ER and inpatient rooms did not grow as expected; then, with the economic downturn, other areas of CHWC could not subsidize the operations.

Ennen said in the Aug. 11 article the shutdowns would probably lead to the loss of 30 full-time equivalent jobs.


Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor and CHWC board member, said, “It is certainly very disappointing to see some more jobs within the community being eliminated because of the economy.

“There is not a week that goes by that some amount of time is spent on efforts to bring new jobs to the area. There are way too many families struggling, and when decisions like these impact families, that is what hurts the most.

“Representing the Archbold area on the CHWC board, I have seen the financial numbers first-hand and feared for many months that this day was coming.

“I commend the leadership at CHWC for trying to tread water as long as they could, but unfortunately it was time to move forward with the decision to close the emergency room and inpatient services.

“I hope and pray the families impacted by this are able to find employment somewhere else soon.”

Staff Reductions

In addition to jobs in the inpatient and ER departments, Ennen said other areas, including the business office, nutrition food services, environmental services, and cardiopulmonary respiratory care will experience staff reductions.

“Some other departments will experience resetting of work schedules but not necessarily staff reductions,” he said.

All CHWC employees affected by the changes will be notified of their status by Friday, Sept. 3, Ennen said.


Ennen announced Archbold Hospital will undergo a name change, or “re-branding,” and once again become the Archbold Medical Center.

The facility will continue to offer laboratory, imaging and radiology, a sleep center, physician clinics, and surgical services that do not require a postoperative inpatient stay.

“We will retain a breakfast lunch food service, but will not offer an evening meal.

“The Archbold Medical Center will operate daily, matching up with Archbold Medical Group hours (including any AMG evening and Saturday hours), and the needs of the surgical services department.”

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