Archbold, OH

Archbold Fire Log

Oct. 10

8:22 pm: Grass fire, Ohio Turnpike, 26-mile marker, put out by bystander before arrival.

Oct. 14

8:32 am: Fire alarm, Fleetwash, 502 Jackson, false alarm, accidental trip.

Oct. 18

3:02 pm: Field fire, Co. Rd. DE at Co. Rd. 26-2; property owner: Randy Grime, 23720 Co. Rd. DE; caused by construction scrap fire, five acres of corn stubble burned.

3:07 pm: Fire alarm, Fairlawn Haven, fire drill.

Oct. 22

8:18 pm: Woods fire, 12542 Co. Rd. J, mutual aid with Wauseon.

Oct. 23

5:56 pm: Pole fire, 24764 Co. Rd. E; property owner: Eric Brown, 24706 Co. Rd. E.; no damage.

7:03 pm Called back out to pole fire by Toledo Edison.

7:38 pm: Furnace fire, Indigo Sandblasting, Fayette, mutual aid with Fayette.

Oct. 26

6:23 am: Grain dryer fire, St. Rt. 66 at Co. Rd. F; property owner: Doug Rupp.

Oct. 30

7:36 pm: Oven fire, 315 Ditto St.; property owner: Kent Nafziger, 310 Vine St.; tenant: Megan Meyer; no damage to structure.

Nov. 1

10:37 am: Fire alarm, Barn Restaurant, Sauder Village, testing sprinkler system, no fire.

Nov. 5

11:52 am: Oven fire, 408 W. Lutz Rd.; property owner: James Silcox, same address; oven accidentally turned on with plastic inside. No fire, only smoke.

12:38 pm: ConAgra, gas leak, structural damage.

Nov. 10

8:38 am: Fire alarm, Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center, work on air conditioning system in computer library created dust, may have triggered alarm.

11:57 am: Structure fire, IAC Corp, fire in vent stack, mutual aid with Wauseon.

Nov. 14

8:26 pm: Electrical smell, 21478 Co. Rd. C, smell of overheating electrical device; property owner: Gary Mann, same address; no smell detected, advised to unplug garage door opener, which may have been shorting.

Nov. 26

2:15 pm: Commercial vehicle fire, Ohio Turnpike 23- 25 mile marker; cancelled.

Dec. 3

5:34 pm: Pole fire, 4566 Co. Rd. 19.

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