Archbold, OH

Archbold Fire Log

April 12

2:46 pm: Field fire, Co. Rd. 22 between Co. Rds. D & E, landowner: Scott Short, rural Archbold; used 100 gallons water.

April 13

11:11 am: Field fire, Co. Rd. L at Co. Rd. 23, mutual aid for Fayette Fire Department, sent brush truck.

April 17

9:06 am: Fire alarm, 539 Schrock Dr., call cancelled.

April 23

12:29 pm: Assist Ridgeville Fire Department, call cancelled.

3:50 pm: 22804 St. Rt. 2, field fire, burning barn siding, landowner: Don “Pete” Nofziger, same address; cause: cigarette.

April 29

1:59 am: Station standby for Wauseon Fire Department.

April 30

9:49 pm: 5270 St. Rt. 66, pole fire; owner: Toledo Edison.

May 1

3:38 pm: Station standby for Stryker Fire Department.

May 2

8:21 pm: 7295 Co. Rd. 24- 3, commercial fire alarm, landowner: Dave Stuckey, same address, no fire, testing alarm system.

May 14

8:19 pm: Structure fire, 101 Union St., landowner: Kirk Weldy, same address; cause: embers from previous cooking fire; damage: $35,000.

May 16

7:39 am: 408 Sauder St., electric motor malfunction, landowner: Sauder Woodworking; damage: $200.

5:25 pm: 830 Ringenberg, Dr., fire alarm, no fire, smoke from cooking set off alarm.


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