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Archbold-Fayette Exit 25 Has Least Turnpike Traffic



The Archbold-Fayette St. Rt. 66 turnpike interchange had the least amount of traffi c of any of the 31 interchanges last year.

The Ohio Turnpike Commission recently released an annual report, which states about 397,000 vehicles passed through the Exit 25 interchange during 2011.

The Lordstown East interchange, Exit 216, had the lowest traffic count in 2010, at 389,000 vehicles. In 2011, 445,000 vehicles passed through that gate, an increase of about 14.4%.

Overall, the number of vehicles using the toll road increased 7.98% in 2011 from 2010. During 2010, 48,856,000 used the turnpike; in 2011, it was 49,246,000, an increase of 390,000 vehicles.

Area Interchanges

Approximate traffic counts at the four interchanges in Williams and Fulton counties, excluding Westgate, showed three of the four go down; the fourth was unchanged.

Exit 13, the Bryan-Montpelier exit,hadacountof648,000 in 2011, the same as in 2010.

Like many turnpike exits, traffic peaked at Exit 13 in 2006, where 760,000 vehicles passed through the tollgates, the commission reported.

The Archbold-Fayette interchange had a count of 422,000 vehicles in 2010. The drop to 397,000 for 2011 was 5.92%, or about 25,000 vehicles.

Traffic passing through Exit 25 peaked in 2006 at 462,000.

The Wauseon interchange, Exit 35, had the highest traffic count in the two-county area in 2011, at 696,000. In 2010, there were 709,000 vehicles, a drop of 13,000, or 1.83%.

Peak traffic for Exit 35 was 836,000 vehicles in 2006.

The turnpike commission reported 518,000 vehicles used the Exit 39, Delta-Lyons exit in 2011, down 1,000 vehicles from the 2010 count of 519,000.

Peak traffic for Exit 35 was 594,000 vehicles in 2006.


The busiest interchange on the Ohio Turnpike in 2011 was Exit 218, Niles- Youngstown,where8,102,000 vehicles passed through the gates. Exit 218 has held the busiest interchange title for a number of years.

When the east and west gates are excluded, there are 29 interchanges on the turnpike. Seventeen showed increases in traffic in 2011 from 2010.

Eleven showed decreases. Bryan-Montpelier was unchanged.

Total Miles

The number of miles vehicles traveled on the turnpike in 2011, as reported by the commission, was 2,762,461,000.

That’s down by 16,393,000, six-tenths (.6%) of a percentage point from 2010.

Of the vehicles that used the toll road in 2011, 70.2% were passenger cars and light trucks; 20.8% were commercial vehicles.

The number of cars is down four-tenths (.4%) of a percentage point, while the number of commercial vehicles was up a like amount.

The average trip length for cars in 2011 was 47.4 miles, down from 48.5 in 2010.

The average trip length for commercial vehicles was 89.1 miles, down from 89.7 in 2010.


Total toll revenue was $231,011,000, one-half of one percentage point (.51%) down from 2010, when revenue from tolls was $232,189,000.

In dollars, the decline was $1,178,000.

Passenger cars and light trucks paid $103,201,000 to travel the turnpike, down 3.53% from 2010.

Commercial vehicle tolls during 2011 generated $127,810,000, up 2.07% from 2010.

On average, passenger cars and light trucks paid a per-trip toll of $2.64, down from $2.75 in 2010. Commercial vehicles paid $12.51, down from $12.58 in 2010.


The turnpike commission reported tolls, concessions, special permits, leases, and licenses, and other operating revenue generated $241,493,000 in 2011, down $289,000, or about one-tenth of a percentage point (.11%) from 2010.

Operating expenses, such as administration, insurance, maintenance, etc., was $167,817,000 in 2011, down $3,264,000 from 2010, a decrease of 1.91%.

That left the Ohio Turnpike Commission with a higher operating income in 2011 of $83,622,000, up 3.69%, or $2,975,000, from 2010.

When non-operating expenses and revenue such as investment income and interest expenses are included, the Ohio Turnpike Commission ended 2011 with an increase in net assets of $57.8 million, an increase of about 7.7%, or $4.2 million, over 2010.

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