Archbold, OH

Archbold EMS Log

Aug. 25

2:15 pm: Archbold Medical Center, ill, transported to Fulton County Health Center.

Aug. 26

Noon: Accident, Co. Rd. 24 at Co. Rd. A, mutual aid for Ridgeville Rescue, one transported by helicopter ambulance, second transported to FCHC by Ridgeville Rescue.

Aug. 27

12:25 am: 800 block West St., ill, transported to FCHC.

7:39 am: 500 block Fairview Ct., injury, transported to FCHC.

6:01 pm: 500 block Short- Buehrer Rd., medical, transported to FCHC.

8 pm: Colony Meadows, cardiovascular accident, transported to FCHC.

Aug. 28

7:09 am: Clyde’s Way, medical, transported to FCHC.

3:46 pm: 200 block Farmington Rd., lift assist, refused treatment.

7:58 pm: 400 block Pleasant St., medical, refused treatment.

9:17 pm: Fairlawn Haven, medical, transported to FCHC.

Aug. 29

8:41 am: Report of injury, Ohio Turnpike, 32-mile marker, cancelled.

10:38 am: Fairlawn Haven, difficulty breathing, transported to FCHC.

11:25 am: Ohio Turnpike, Exit 25, decreased level of consciousness, transported to FCHC.

Aug. 30

6:09 pm: Accident, Co. Rd. D at Co. Rd. 20, one transported to FCHC, one refused treatment.

6:58 pm: 500 block Fairview Ct., medical, transported to FCHC.

Aug. 31

5:24 pm: Sauder Woodworking Myers Rd. plant, medical, transported to FCHC.

10:10 pm: Accident, S. Defiance St. at West Barre Rd., two refused treatment.

Sept. 1

2:59 pm: Fairlawn Haven, ill, refused treatment.

Sept. 2

11:19 pm: Fairlawn Apartments, lift assist, transported to FCHC.

Sept. 3

11:54 am: 100 block Toledo St., Fayette, mutual aid for Fayette Rescue, medical, transported to FCHC.

Sept. 4

4:28 pm: Archbold Family Care Home, cardiovascular accident, transported to FCHC.

Sept. 6

9:13 am: 400 block Park St., ill, refused treatment.

Sept. 7

1:15 am: 400 block Sauder St., difficulty breathing, transported to FCHC.

8:53 am: Accident, Ohio Turnpike, 29-mile marker, three refused treatment.


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