Archbold, OH
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Archbold EMS Log

April 5

11:33 pm: Fox Chase, medical, no transport.

April 6

12:10 am: 300 block W. Holland St., medical, transported to Fulton County Health Center.

5:58 pm: Fairlawn Haven, trauma, transported to FCHC.

April 8

6:01 pm: 100 block Garden Dr., medical, transported to FCHC.

4:43 pm: Fairlawn Apartments, lift assist, no transport.

8:04 pm: Fairlawn Haven, illness, transported to FCHC.

8:43 pm: 100 block West Barre Rd., medical, refused treatment.

April 10

12:31 am: Community Health Professionals, medical, transported to FCHC.

3:34 pm: Auto accident, St. Rt. 2 at Co. Rd. 19, assisted Wauseon Rescue, transported one.

April 11

7:20 am: Sauder Woodworking, Meyers Road Plant, medical, call cancelled.

April 12

7:34 am: 100 block West Barre Rd., medical, transported to FCHC.

April 16

3:09 am: 300 block Stryker St., subject fell, refused treatment; public assist.

6:15 am: Sauder Woodworking, Meyers Road Plant, fall, transported to FCHC.

6:13 pm: Archbold SuperValu, fall, refused treatment.

April 17

8:26 am: 15000 block Co. Rd. 20, assist Fayette Rescue, medical, no transport.

April 18

12:03 pm: Fox Chase, fall, refused treatment.

6:12 pm: 100 block West Dame St., Pettisville, medical, transported to FCHC.

6:38 pm: Auto accident, Ohio Turnpike 22-milemarker, mutual aid for Williams County, call cancelled.

April 19

1:38 pm: Fox Chase, breathing, transported to FCHC.

April 20

6:20 am: Auto accident, Co. Rd. 20 south of Co. Rd. C, refused treatment.

1:23 pm: Barn Restaurant, medical, transported to FCHC.

April 21

7:31 pm: Fairlawn Haven, medical, transported to FCHC.

April 22

11:17 am: Westfield Medical Center, heart, transported to FCHC.

9:44 pm: Miller Ave., rescue, transported to FCHC.

April 24

12:10 pm: Ohio Turnpike, Exit 25, possible cardiovascular accident, transported to FCHC.

April 25

8:01 am: 100 block Quail Run, injury, no transport.

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