Archbold, OH

Archbold Cemetery Needs Beautification

After nearly ten years of delay, it’s time renovations to the Archbold Cemetery become top priority.

The cemetery is the final resting-place of great Archbold citizens. Reading the headstones is a roll call of our history. It is sacred ground that must be treated with utmost care and respect.

Archbold Village Council must continue planning for the future. It’s time to improve the entrances and develop more roadways. It must accommodate the living with beautiful landscapes of trees, evergreens, flowers, and quiet places. It needs benches in several locations where visitors may reflect and reminisce in peace and quiet.

There should be an area to bury family pets. Many pets are a major part of a family, and they deserve a resting-place of dignity and peace and quiet.

The cemetery should have a well-designed memorial garden where ashes may be sprinkled or buried. It needs to be a place of quiet contemplation, where family and friends can go to reflect on loved ones.

A chapel, of dignified and pleasing design, will be a worthy addition. The Archbold Ministerial Association should provide the leadership and guidance for that undertaking.

Consider a mausoleum for persons who want and expect the service. Officials need to address that desire.

Everything must be Archbold style and beautiful. The cemetery should have the best landscaping and well-kept grounds.

Creating and improving the cemetery is forever. It should reflect the community of proud and caring people.

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