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Archbold Burger Bash Contributes $31,000 To Help African Farmers

More than $31,000 raised by Archbold’s faith community was presented to Foods Resource Bank during the annual Burger Bash, Sunday, May 16.

Community members support an annual steer-feeding project with donations of feed, grain, time to care for the cattle, and provision of shelter for the animals. Others provide outright cash donations.

The steers are sold at market; the money is given to FRB. While FRB supports projects around the world, money raised through the steer project is earmarked for the Ngong Region of Kenya, where it is used to help farmers.

Jim Rufenacht, of the steer-feeding project, said the people of the Ngong region had been nomadic cattle herders, but increased urbanization of Africa is making the nomadic lifestyle more difficult.

FRB’s project is to help the farmers settle onto a plot of land and develop sustainable agricultural practices. The program is improving the genetics of the area’s livestock, and developing beekeeping.

Archbold’s cattle feeding program was born seven years ago, and each year, over $25,000 has been raised. In those years, $125,000 has been raised to assist people in remote areas of the world.

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