Archbold, OH

Archbold Buckeye Editorials

Each week this newspaper gives its opinion on any subject the editorial board decides upon. Most editorials are opinions on issues facing the community.

The objective is to stimulate the thinking of readers. None are laws of the land. Many are thought provoking. Every reader has an opinion on almost every subject, and no person’s thoughts are totally accepted by another.

There always is controversy, especially when government acts and school issues arise. No one has all the right answers. No one can satisfy everyone. The goal of the Buckeye is to encourage and expand thinking, not control it.

This newspaper tries to present the news as it develops, without favor or gain to anyone. Since the newspaper covers the actions of several boards, the Buckeye is in the main stream of the issues. The newspaper attempts to consider the outcome of decisions, and comments in editorials. We want, and work, for what’s best for the community and its citizens.

Citizens are encouraged to disagree, or agree, by writing a letter to the editor. Any letter to the editor sent to this newspaper must be signed by the author and not over 300 words.

Buckeye editorials are unsigned because they are the opinion of the newspaper and the news staff who decide on editorial topics.

If any reader disagrees, they know where the newspaper office is, and can telephone or visit the office and expound on what they believe.

Please let us know your opinion. All criticism is constructive.

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