Archbold, OH

Archbold Blessed With Excellent Emergency Services

As we go about our daily lives, we forget to count the blessings we enjoy as residents of Archbold. That includes outstanding schools, excellent streets, and a multitude of services from garbage collection to tree branch chipping to mosquito abatement.

What we often forget are our emergency services, the police and fire departments.

Archbold police officers patrol the village day and night, dealing with complaints from the routine to the unusual. They keep our neighborhoods safe.

They make sure traffic flows smoothly, reunite lost children with their parents, and by their very presence, deter crime.

Our firefighter-rescue workers, almost all of them dedicated part-timers, spend hours upon hours away from their families, undergoing constant training to keep their skills sharp.

They often are rousted from comfortable beds and called away from their families to help someone in trouble. They go out in the heat, the rain, the cold, to save lives, put out fires, and help those in desperate need.

In short, our police and firefighters, like their counterparts across the nation, run toward the danger while the rest run away.

We are all lucky for the men and women in our community who choose to serve in these important positions.

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