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Archbold Area Foundation Gives Back To Community



Members of the 2009 Archbold Area Foundation Board are, front row from left: Cindy Rose, secretary; Karlin Wyse, president; Harold Plassman, vice president; Steve Brink, treasurer. Back row: Julie Nofziger, Nancy Hogrefe, Marc Fruth, Jodi Herman, and Artie Short. Not pictured: Jackie Schweitzer, Jeff Fryman, Paul Reichert.- photo by David Pugh

The Archbold Area Foundation said that during 2008, $30,950 was returned to the community.

The largest amount, $16,100, was divided between 20 scholarships. The scholarships, averaging $805, were distributed to members of the 2008 Archbold High School graduating class.

The foundation also donated $8,000 toward the Sauder Village historic timeline project.

Another $4,000 from the foundation went to Archbold High School faculty, for study scholarships.

The foundation also donated $2,500 for an Archbold Parks and Recreation Scholarship program, to assist families in need with registration fees for Parks & Rec programs.

The smallest donation, $350, went for a soccer-kicking wall in Woodland Park. The wall was the Eagle Scout project of Chan Tinsman, Archbold.

The foundation manages a portfolio of investments; only the interest earned by the portfolio is expended.

Archbold Area Foundation Board members for 2009 are Julie Nofziger, Jackie Schweitzer, Nancy Hogrefe, Jodi Herman, Marc Fruth, Jeff Fryman, Paul Reichert, and Artie Short.

Karlin Wyse is president; Harold Plassman is vice president; Cindy Rose, secretary; and Steve Brink, treasurer.

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