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April Unemployment At 4.4% In Fulton County



The Fulton County unemployment rate for April was 4.4%, the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services estimated last week.

Economists generally consider an unemployment rate of 5% or less to be “full employment.”

Fulton County tied with Williams County for the lowest rate, but Fulton and Henry counties each saw their rates fall 1.2% from March, when the Fulton and Henry County figures were 5.6% and 7.0%, respectively.

Unemployment statewide (not seasonally adjusted) was 4.8%, down six-tenths (.6) of a point from March.

Fulton County unemployment has been 4.9% or lower for 14 of the last 21 months.

By comparison, the lowest rate in 2009, during what some call The Great Recession, was never less than 12.1%. In 2010, the low was 9.6%; 7.6% in 2011; 6.2% in 2012; and 7.2% in 2013.

The lowest rate in 2014 was 4.2% in October. In 2015, the low of 3.9% was recorded twice– in August and October.

During April, Fulton County had 1,000 people out of a job and seeking work. There were 22,000 employed workers for a total labor force of 23,000.

High, Low

Monroe County, in southeastern Ohio on the West Virginia border, was the only of the 88 counties to have double-digit unemployment, at 12.3%.

Jefferson County, in central Ohio on the West Virginia border, had the second-highest rate, at 8.8%.

The lowest unemployment rate was in Mercer County in central Ohio on the Indiana border, at 3%.

Fulton County was in a three-way tie with Williams County and Allen County for 56th-highest rate.

State, Nation

All county unemployment data is not seasonally adjusted. The comparable figures for the state and the nation were 4.8% and 4.7%, respectively.

When seasonal adjustments are applied, the Ohio rate was 5.2%; the U.S. rate was 5%.

ODJFS estimated that during April, there were close to 5.8 million persons in the Ohio labor force, of which 275,700 were out of work.

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