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Approve 911 Levy For Placement On Ballot

Fulton County commissioners approved the placement of a renewal of a seventenths (.7) of a mill property tax levy for the operation of the county 911 emergency dispatch system before voters, Thursday, Jan. 31.

Voters will decide the fate of the levy in the Tuesday, May 7 primary election.

Brett Kolb, Fulton County auditor, said the levy, originally approved by voters in 1988, will cost the owner of a home with a market value of $100,000 about $21.44 per year.

The levy was originally put before voters in the 1988 primary election as 65 onehundredths (.65) of a mill. Voters turned it down.

In the 1988 general election, it was presented to voters as a seven-tenths (.7) of a mill levy, which passed.

The levy was renewed in 1993, 1998, and 2003.

Each time the levy was renewed, the millage rate was reduced, so the amount collected would not increase with appreciation of property values.

Voters replaced the levy in 2008, which had the effect of increasing the amount of money collected.

The reason for the increase was that property values were “reset” to the 2008 values as opposed to the originally passed 1988 values.

A renewal, if approved by voters, will be assessed against property owners at a reduced rate. Kolb said the reduced, or effective, millage will be about .677 of a mill.

He estimated that if approved, the renewed levy will generate about $597,000 to operate the 911 system.

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