Archbold, OH

APD Deals With Unwanted Person, Harassment Cases

Archbold police dealt with cases of harassment and an unwanted person recently.

Sandra Ryan, 39, East Gardens, told police about 12:24 pm, Sunday, June 10, a person has been approaching her to talk. She does not want the person near her.

Officers were unable to locate the person, but noted in their report they would continue to attempt to locate the person.

Police were called to the Archbold Sunoco about 8:10 pm, Monday, June 11, where they met with Amanda Cardball, 25, Archbold.

Cardball told officers a woman and a child entered the store and asked Cardball about her husband. The woman said she could beat up Cardball’s husband.

When Cardball said she had no idea what the woman was talking about, the woman left the store, using foul language.

Police were able to locate the woman, who told police she was simply “asking a question about some rumors that she had heard pertaining to her husband,” the police report states.

The woman was advised she and her family were no longer allowed in the business.

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