Archbold, OH

Another Victim Of The Economy

Northwest Ohio’s stagnant economy has struck another blow. Archbold Hospital will close its inpatient services and emergency room.

While the decision hasn’t officially been made, it’s basically a done deal.

Archbold Hospital will still offer services: laboratory, x-ray, outpatient surgery, physical therapy, and a sleep study lab. But the things that make a hospital what it is will be gone.

Gone too will be jobs, and today, every job is crucial.

Archbold residents will lose some convenience, as those who need hospitalization won’t be able to stay in town, near family and friends. The convenience of a local ER will be lost as well.

For Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers, Archbold Hospital’s parent company, it’s a straightforward business decision. Patient rooms and the ER weren’t making enough money, and CHWC can no longer afford to subsidize the operation, so the hospital has to go.

It’s hard to argue with the logic.

However, it’s still a blow to Archbold’s prestige. We were once important enough to have our own hospital, but no longer.

Archbold has much to be proud of, and we’ve had a few successes in spite of the economy. Archbold will continue to move forward, in spite of it all.

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