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Another Round Of Report Cards

Test scores. Cut scores. Gap Closing. Value Added. Standard Deviation. These are some of the terms used in the latest round of school report cards from the Ohio Department of Education.

The goal of the report cards is to give parents an easy, simple, A-F scoring system for comparing schools and school districts.

For years, Archbold and Pettisville have produced a long line of outstanding students, and they have credentials that bolster their achievements. The schools have taken outstanding boys and girls, and through excellent education and instruction, made them better.

But yet again, the grades issued by ODE gave Archbold some Bs and Cs. Pettisville even got two Fs.

We find it hard to believe that the two districts have fallen from their previous high performances.

It’s when one starts to dig into the data to find out why the less-than-stellar grades were issued that one runs into a mish-mash of numbers and statistical terms that are difficult to understand.

As we have said before, ODE needs to rethink its report card system, and fast.

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