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Another Reason To Be Proud Of Our Students

Win or lose, Archbold and Pettisville citizens are proud of the student athletes from our schools.

They give us many more reasons to be proud than just touchdowns or points scored.

Recently, student-athletes from Archbold, Pettisville and Delta were at the Crossroads Evangelical Church, Wauseon, to help sort relief supplies for people impacted by Superstorm Sandy.

The young people have a myriad of ways to occupy their time, from playing with computers, smart phones, and school-issued iPads to just hanging out and being teens.

Instead, they chose to donate time to help Crossroads help others, by sorting, packing, labeling and otherwise preparing relief supplies for shipment to disaster areas.

This newspaper has said before, too often, we hear the negative side of our young peoples’ activities such as petty theft, vandalism, reckless driving, and underage consumption of alcohol.

These student-athletes chose to commit time and labor to accomplishing something good, to help others in need.

For that reason alone, our community is proud of them.

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