Archbold, OH

Annexation Requested For Co. Rd. B Property

Brad Miller, Archbold, representing Saddlewood LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), told members of the Archbold Planning Commission about a proposed land development project, Monday evening, May 12.

Miller said the corporation purchased the Spiess farm, 150 acres of land on the south side of Miller Avenue, County Road B, east of South Defiance St. The company plans to develop the land for residential housing with multi-acre lots. He said three-acre lots were considered, but the project is slated to start with six-acre lots.

Carma Grime, APC secretary, said Saddlewood’s written request to the village engineer office indicated the project includes 116 acres.

The first section is planned for six lots. Miller referred to them as “estate”-size lots. He stressed it is not an immediate project.

The developers are requesting Archbold water and sewage. Dennis Howell, village administrator, said the development must be annexed to the village to receive services.

Miller said the project is only being discussed, and the developers are not ready to request that the land be annexed by the Village.

Howell referred to the project as an “interesting concept.” He said APC would start the annexation process by endorsing it. Village council must also approve any annexation request.

Board members attending the meeting were Lynn Ross, Ed Leininger, Doug Rupp, Grime and Howell. Absent were Denny Meyer and Jim Wyse.

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