Archbold, OH

Andrew Pratt Honored For Work

When Andrew Pratt, a Pettisville High School graduate, received the Pilgrim Medal from Defiance College, it was an acknowledgement of one young man’s talents and accomplishments.

Let there be no doubt; the Pilgrim Medal is not an award to be taken lightly. The leaders of Defiance College are careful who receives it.

Pratt is a worthy recipient. His commitment to service through teaching, as demonstrated by his month-long project teaching basic English terms to women in Cambodia, is certainly worthy of praise.

The study of not one, not two, but four languages in addition to English is definitely remarkable.

Pratt has been blessed with many gifts: among them, a sharp mind, an ear for languages, and a solid work ethic.

He has the potential to do truly remarkable things as a scholar, teacher, and citizen. He’s already been partway around the globe. He could end up almost anywhere.

Wherever he settles, he will be a credit to his family, Pettisville High School, and Northwest Ohio.

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