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Analysis Started On School Report Cards

Michelle Bagrowski, Archbold Area School District curriculum director, told members of the Archbold Area School Board she has been analyzing results of the Ohio Department of Education report cards.

She discussed the report card results with the board during a Monday, Aug. 20 meeting.

Most of the criteria for the school report cards involves test results from various grade levels in a variety of subject areas. Bagrowski said in a Friday interview that she was looking question by question for areas where Archbold students had problems.

So far, she said, she has not found any one particular area that caused Archbold students an undue amount of difficulty.

Even while Archbold schools are considered excellent and test scores were high, Bagrowski said it’s still important to analyze the data and find areas that need work.

“We have to get down to the nitty-gritty,” she said.

Eighth Grade Social Studies

The eighth grade social studies test proved to be a problem for students statewide.

Archbold’s score of 73.5% on the test section was the highest in the region, yet it didn’t meet the state’s 75% criteria.

Of the more than 600 school districts in Ohio, the average test score on the eighth grade social studies test was 49%.

Does that send a signal to ODE officials?

“I hope it does,” Bagrowski said.

“It’s got to be the test, with a score that dramatically low,” she said.

Bagrowski said the social studies teachers take the test scores to heart.

“They’re a little miffed. They don’t want people to think that what they’re doing is wrong,” she said.

Principal Reports

At the request of Mike Pressler, Archbold Middle School principal, the board approved increasing adult ticket prices for athletic events at the middle school from $2 to $3. Student admission remains unchanged at $1.

In his report, Pressler said other schools are charging the higher rate, so increasing the price would be consistent. Also, athletic expenses, including equipment and officials’ pay, has increased.

Tim Meister, Archbold High School principal, told board members he had seven new teachers in his building, saying, “I feel very, very good about the new hires.”

Dorothy Lambert, Archbold Elementary School principal, said she has introduced a new motto for the elementary school, “The Key Is Me And Together We Can Open Many Doors!”

In a report to the board, Lambert said, “I emphasize to the students and staff that each of us makes a difference, and it takes all of us working together to be successful.

“I hope it will guide our decision making throughout the year and also serve as a source of motivation,” she said.

Roel Galvan, board member, said the new pavement around the schools looks good.

David Deskins, district superintendent, said additional stop signs were added to try to slow down motorists.

He said work was done at the middle school industrial arts building, some of which had been put off for many years.


Christine Ziegler, district treasurer, reported on several financial matters.

Cash was advanced to cafeterias, athletics, and concessions for their change funds; the move allows them to make change for sales. The school general funds will be reimbursed.

Rhonda Lovejoy, Virginia Buehrer, and Dave Davis were each advanced $50 for the elementary, middle, and high school cafeterias.

Allan Gladieux was advanced $1,500 for high school athletics, Sandra Babcock received a $900 advance for concessions, and Jim Redd received a $400 advance for middle school athletics.

The school general fund advanced $22,500 to the high school athletic fund; the athletic department will repay the funds, she said.

Another $9,000 advance was made from the general fund to uniform supplies. Ziegler said the money will go for industrial arts supplies to keep that fund in the black until students pay for their project expenses.

As part of their consensus agenda, the board:

•Approved the July 2007 meeting minutes and finance reports.

•Adopted the substitute teacher list.

•Approved the classified employee substitute list.

The next meeting of the Archbold Area School board is set for 7 pm, Monday, Sept. 24; this is a change from the board’s usual meeting on the third Monday of every month.- David Pugh

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