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The United States of America is an amazing place, a crazy quilt of good and bad that strives each day to deal with the bad and allow the good to shine through.

The sins of America are many.

And yet, America does much good in the world. Her gates have been open to those seeking a new life, joining the extensive tapestry of peoples and cultures that make up the nation.

America gives the world great gifts of technology and ideas. It sends its men and women around the globe to fight tyranny and oppression. Critics are allowed to voice their hatred for America while living safely within her borders.

The people of the nation give freely of themselves to reach out to those in poverty and despair. When tragedy strikes, Americans are among the first to help pick up the pieces.

With the dawn of each new day, America awakes and does the best she can to be the nation that the world looks up to, to be what Ronald Reagan, former president, called “The Shining City on the Hill.”

On the Fourth of July, Americans– white Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, all Americans– celebrate this amazing nation born on the Fourth of July.