Archbold, OH

Amazing Archbold Youth

Kid power is great!

Two groups of Archbold young people, ages elementary through high school seniors, showed the world what they could achieve over the summer. They volunteered to help unfortunate people in need.

Thirty-six vocational agriculture and industrial arts students plus members of the senior class helped clean up an Ottawa, Ohio, home on Aug. 31. It flooded earlier that month when the Blanchard River poured over its banks following heavy rains.

A group of 63 students, including elementary and older students, spent part of the summer building a home for a friend and his mother after they first tore down the old home located in Archbold.

Being typical kids, both groups of students had fun doing serious and important work. At an early age, they learned the value of service to others needing help.

Everyone learned a lesson related to the rewards of hard work, dedication, and concern for others from the students, traits that have been trademarks of Archbold for decades.

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