Archbold, OH

AHS Students Using New iPad Computers

Archbold High School students have had their iPad tablet computers less than a week, but they’re already using them in classrooms, and discovering new things they will do.

That’s what Royal Short, AHS principal, said Tuesday.

The iPads were distributed to students Thursday and Friday, Sept. 6-7.

“The teachers have been using them for presentations, the kids are making presentations with them, and they’re turning in assignments with them,” Short said.

“Today (Tuesday) was the first day we didn’t do our morning announcements over the PA (public address) system in about 100 years. We sent them out via email.

“The student council advisors are working with Mr. Gnagey (school district technology coordinator) to automate the voting for Homecoming queen and court, so the students don’t have to give up part of their lunch hour.

“It will give them something fun (to do with the iPads) and save paper.”

The school district leased 360 of the portable computers for three years at a total cost of $213,824.82.

The district also purchased 32 iPads for the high school teaching staff at a cost of $15,368.

Few Problems

There have been few problems with the tablets.

Joe Long, interim superintendent, said there were some problems with a couple of application programs, or “apps.” They had to be reloaded onto the iPads.

“On the first day, we had two or three that couldn’t accept email. At first, we thought it was a problem with the iPads. Out of 360, there’s got to be one or two that are bad. But it turned out to be a setup issue,” Short said.

Just in case a student leaves an iPad at home or forgets to charge the battery, Short said Gnagey has three iPads set up as spares with basic programs, such as note taking.

“None of the bells and whistles,” he said.


Short said AHS students are excited with their tablet computers.

“Several students chose not to take them home, but every morning, they’re lined up at the media center to get them,” he said.

He sees students carrying them in the hallways and working on them during lunch hour and in classrooms.

“They’ve discovered different things,” Short said.

“One student was showing another how to get the iPad to play music, or the Internet radio.

“Another was showing how to use the calendar to set reminders.

“Seeing them self-explore (what the iPads can do) and teach each other is neat.”.– David Pugh

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