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AHS, NSCC Join Forces To Offer Calculus Class

Archbold High School students who plan to study calculus, an advanced form of mathematics, can get high school and college credit without leaving AHS.

Successful completion of the class will give a student five hours of college credit. The normal tuition for five credit hours at Northwest State Community College is $360, but through a new program called Dual Credit, AHS students can get their five hours for $100.

The Archbold Area School Board approved participation in the Dual Credit program during the Monday, May 19 meeting.


Tim Meister, AHS principal, said Dual Credit is a new program backed by Ted Strickland, Ohio governor.

Meister said AHS officials chose to partner with NSCC, but other schools were partnering with other colleges and universities.

Under the program, the college sets the requirements for the high school teacher, the course curriculum, and the textbook. Meister said Brian Becher will teach the class.

The reason calculus was chosen is because the AHS and NSCC courses are similar.

“If this goes well, they will quickly expand to other areas,” he said.

The course will run all school year, but the college portion of the class won’t start until second semester.

Meister said the school district received a $3,000 grant for the program. It could be used to pay all expenses for enrolled students.

However, other districts are requiring students to make a financial commitment to the class.

Board members discussed what the cost should be. David Yoder, board member, noted that students who leave the high school to attend post-secondary option classes at Northwest State must pay college tuition, purchase text books, etc.

That makes a PSO class much more expensive than Dual Credit, where students are provided with the text.

Board members settled on a $100 charge.


Students were required to register for the Dual Credit class for 2008-09 by May 28. As of yesterday, Tuesday, Meister said 12 students had registered for the class.

He said the Dual Credit class will be offered even if just one student registers.

But, Meister said, “This won’t go away.”

One advantage for the school district is money.

If a student elects to take classes at a college such as Northwest State during the school day, the student is not counted as part of the high school student population, referred to by the state as average daily membership, or ADM.

If a student is in school taking a Dual Credit class, the student counts toward the ADM.

State funding for schools is based on ADM; the higher the ADM, the more money a school district receives.

“Those of us thinking about how to stop the flood of students leaving to do PSO- this is one of the solutions,” Yoder said.- David Pugh

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