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AHS Gets Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machine

Under the heading of “Why didn’t they do this while I was in school?” comes news that Archbold High School will get a soft-serve frozen yogurt machine.

Aaron Rex, district superintendent, told members of the school board the machine had been ordered during its Monday, July 21 meeting.

“We are going to do some different things in the cafeteria,” Rex said in a Tuesday interview.

“We’re selling fewer meals, so we will do some things differently to sell more food.”

He noted the cafeteria staff had painted some areas of the cafeteria “and have redesigned the serving area.”

Also the presentation for drinks will change, as two new coolers have been obtained for the middle and high schools.

Rex said he talked to other schools about serving softserve yogurt. They reported sales have gone well.

The yogurt will be fat-free, so it is allowed under federal laws requiring schools to serve healthy lunches.

Students will serve themselves, dispensing yogurt into a standard-sized container.

A variety of toppings will be available.

Rex said he discussed the idea for getting the machine with students last school year.

“The kids were excited about it,” he said.

“For students who buy their lunch at school, this will be something of a new addition.

“For those who choose to pack their lunches, they can have yogurt as a snack.”

The machine might even be moved from the cafeteria during games and events, and sold along with other concessions.

Rex said the school has leased the machine, at a cost of $2,500 per year.

He said at $1.25 per serving, it will take 22 servings per day for the machine to break even.

Personally, he is probably good for one serving a day, he said.

“We’ll have to evaluate it every year,” he said.

“We’ll start at the high school and see how it goes. Depending on how many sales we have, we might do it at the middle school.”


The district wind turbine has been shut down since the weekend of July 19-20, after gaskets in a pump inside the machine failed.

Two gaskets were needed to fix the problem.

One was shipped from the U.S. manufacturer, but the second had to come from Norwin, the company that originally designed the machine.

Norwin is based in Denmark.

Rex said workers should be in Archbold to repair the turbine soon, but he noted it’s usually 10 to 20 degrees hotter inside the turbine tower than it is outside.

With outside temperatures in the 90s, he didn’t know if workers would be climbing the approximately 300 feet to get to the nacelle, where the repair must be made.

He noted that July is usually a low month for wind speeds, so the turbine is not missing much production.

Rex told board members the sealing and crack filling of the school parking lots should be completed this week.

Spengler Field

Work is still underway on upgrades at Spengler Field, but should be completed within the next few weeks, Rex said.

New bleachers are done, and the new scoreboard has been installed.

Work on an underground sprinkler system for the field is underway as a joint project between the school and Archbold Parks & Recreation.

Rex told the board school officials plan to do some work on the public address system at Spengler Field as well.

“Our kids and community will be able to enjoy games there for many more years,” he said.

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