Archbold, OH

AHS Football Players Help With Tornado Relief Effort

Archbold football players joined a team of volunteers to clean up after the June 5 tornado that struck southeast Fulton County.

A mother of one of the players sparked the effort.

Drew Leininger, a senior, said his mother, Judy, suggested the team should volunteer.

After hearing about the tornado on Sunday, June 6, “she told me it would be a good idea.”

Bryan Miller, head coach, said members of the team are asked to put in two hours of community service sometime over the summer.

But there was one catch. No one under the age of 18 was being allowed to volunteer to help with tornado damage.

Miller said he contacted those in charge of the disaster cleanup, and asked if the players would be allowed to assist if their coaches accompanied them.

That was acceptable, so on Tuesday, June 8, after lifting weights in the morning, 23 AHS football players and three coaches went to the disaster area by carpool.

Two Teams

Miller said after checking in at the Shiloh Church, the volunteer reception center, the players and coaches were divided into two teams. One was sent to a house on Co. Rd. 4-1. The second was dispatched to help at a home on Co. Rd. 5.

Their job was to help clear brush. They followed men with chain saws who were cutting branches. Team members moved the branches onto piles for eventual disposal.

Miller said there was no grumbling or complaining.

“When we got out there, they learned how powerful Mother Nature is,” he said.

Team members worked hard, putting in 3 1/2 hours.

“The guys felt pretty good” about helping out, said Miller.

“It was a good day.”

The efforts of the team did not go unnoticed.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said in a message to Miller, “I received a phone call from Fulton County offi cials…they wanted to tell me how impressed they were that a group of young people from Archbold took the time to volunteer for the tornado cleanup on the other end of Fulton County.

“I was told that up to that time these Archbold students were the first student group that they were aware of to volunteer in this manner.

“Fulton County officials were very impressed by the effort of both the students and adults who made this happen.

“The efforts of all involved is another example of the thoughtfulness of others that makes us all proud to call the Archbold area home.”


Coaches assisting were Miller, Ryan Sell, and Cameron Thompson.

Players were Zach Driver, Micah Garcia, Clay Giesige, Jase Grosjean, Lucas Hesterman, Travis Jaramillo, Lee Klinger, Tyson Lersch, Dustin Lucas, Josiah Mc- Quillin, Ben Miller, Jay Miller, Basilio Rosales, Isaac Rosales, Darin Sauder, Kolin Schilt, Devin Shannon, Hayden Stamm, Bryce Tinsman, Chandler Tuckerman, Jacob Wagner, Tanner Wyse, and Justice Zimmerman.

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