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AHS Class Of 2008 Graduates Sunday




Archbold High School will graduate 116 seniors, Sunday, June 1, at 2:30 pm. It is the 117th graduation ceremony.

Twenty-nine students will receive the Ohio Honors Diploma. There are 12 members of the National Honor Society in the graduating class.

The graduation program opens with a welcome from Trey Smith, class vice president.

The senior chorus, under the direction of Kent Vandock, AHS choral director, will perform "No Day But Today" and the "Alma Mater."

Senior class members and the AHS symphonic band will perform "Fire!"

David Deskins, Archbold Area School District superintendent, gives the superintedent’s response, followed by Scott Miller, president of the school board.

Tim Meister, AHS principal, will address the Class of 2008 and guests.

Audrey Boyers, class president, and Lucas Cameron, class secretary, are the class speakers.

Meister then presents the Class of 2008, and school board members will distribute diplomas.

Tim Booth, AHS band director, will lead the Archbold High School band in the processional, "Pomp and Circumstance," and the recessional, "Freedom."

Class Information

Adrianne Lange is the class treasurer.

Boyers is also the president of the student council. Rebekah Ruffer is council secretary, while Laura Wyse, Matt Jacoby, Dustin Kauzlick, and Danielle Newman are student council members.

The Class of 2008 selected the Gerbera daisy as its class flower, and navy as its class color.

The class motto is, "Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out."


In the listing of graduates, + indicates Ohio Honors Diploma; * indicates National Honor Society member; bold print indicates top 10% member.

Bonnie Babcock, Austin Baden, Christian Beck, Daniel Beck, Heidi Behnfeldt+*, Justin Bentley, Tyson Bentz+, Cameron Bible, Jessica Bixler, Darin Bontrager+, Steven Bostelman, Erik Boyer+, Audrey Boyers+*, Benjamin Brader+, Michael Britenriker, Scott Burris II, Lucas Cameron, Erin Cartwright, Lizette Cooper+, Danielle Dailey, Sara Davis+, Shawn Davis, Jennelle Day, Brooke Dohm, Ashley Double, John Downey+, James Dunning, Jessica Elswick.

Lacey Flores, Kelcey Frank, Makenzie Frank+*, Gabriel Garcia, Chelsea Giesige, Jordan Gingerich, Jen Gisel, Klein Gnagey, Katrina Gobrogge+, Wade Gobrogge, Gene Goering III, Kara Goldsmith+*, Hali Good+, Amanda Graber,

Claire Graber+*, Jordan Gracia, Chase Grieser.

Brian Grime, Micah Grime, Travis Grime, Anne Grisez+*, Miriam Gutierrez, Justin Hines, Ashlie Horst, Abigail Huerta, Joshua Huerta, Colton Hulshof,

Matthew Jacoby, Dustin Kauzlick, Yvonne King, Ruben Kunkle, Adrianne Lange+, Joel Lange+, Aaron Lauber, Bradley Lovejoy, John Luna, Jr., Colton Martinez, Ann May, Eric Mc- Coy, Ethan Meyers, Marcus Miller+, Stewart Nafziger, Jeremy Neuenschwander, Danielle Newman+, Laura Nofziger, Seth Nofziger*, Larry Oswalt, Noah Pelmear, Michael Perez, Jonathan Pole+, Ian Redd, Audriana Rodriguez, Manuel Rodriguez, Nicole Rufenacht, Rebekah Ruffer*.

Eli Rupp, Justin Rupp, Kelby Rupp, Christian Salgado, Cody Sauder, Sarah Schoenhals+*, Joseph Schroeder, Kelsey Sevey, Colin Shannon+*, Kayla Short+, Tyler Short, Thomas Skiver, Max Smith III, Maria Strawn+, Brittany Thatcher, Justin Thatcher, Joslyn Tijernina+*, Brett Vereecke, Kyle Walker, Kelly Wasnich+*, Kimberly Wasnich, Danielle Weigand.

Benjamin Wiemken, Coral Winzeler, Laura Wylie, Amanda Wyse+, Brianne Wyse, Joshua Wyse, Laura Wyse+, Nichole Wyse, Jenell Yaichner+, Jerod Yedica, Jacob Yoder.

Certificates of Attendance: Rahel Frei, Valentina Frigerio.–This article was corrected 5.29.08

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